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1966 Topps Superman Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1966

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

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The 1966 Topps Superman trading card set was inspired by the Adventures of Superman television show which aired for six seasons between 1952 and 1958. Topps released several non-sports sets during this period which were taken from popular films and movies of the day but Superman had been off the air for eight years by the time this set was released.

Eager to capitalize on the massive popularity of the Batman television show (and the five associated card sets of this same year), Topps could justify this untimely addition to their catalog because, in 1965, the show was made available via syndication. Although only the first two seasons of the show were filmed in black and white, and 60s syndication was in color, this set features black and white stills taken from the series.

The first 44 cards have orange backs and a factoid explaining the image on the front alongside a picture of Superman in his iconic stance. There are variations to these backs, including one variation which does not include the orange background, that revolve around copyright placement and inclusion of a “Watch Superman on T.V.” ad at the bottom of the card. The remaining cards in the set are backed with puzzle pieces.

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1966 Topps Superman Checklist

Base Set – 66 Cards

#Card Title
1Krypton is Doomed
2Destination: Earth
3Superman’s Parents
4Ace Reporter
6A Job for Superman
7The Man of Steel
8Superman’s Strength
9Metropolis’ Hero
10The Threat
11Plotting Lois’ Death
12Lois in Trouble
13Lois is Kidnapped
14Jimmy and Clark
15He’s Been Shot
16Clark Gets a Lead
17No False Moves, Kent
18You’re Finished Kent
19Superman in Action
20Futile Fight
21Superman’s Warning
22The Backfire
23Crushing Blow
24Seeing with X-Ray Eyes
25Saved by Superman
26Safe at Last
27Superman’s Peril
28Jimmy, Superman & Perry
29Great Caesar’s Ghost
30Bullets Bounce Off Him
31In the Nick of Time
32Superman & the Savages
33Superman Leaps In
34Superman to the Rescue
35Superman’s Problem
36The Challenge
37The Pirates’ Decision
38It’s Superman!
39Helping Hand
40Superman & the Cavemen
41Facing the Death Ray
42Superman’s “Wedding”
43Happy Ending
44Reporter Clark Kent
45Super Safecracker
46Interviewing the Chief
47Superman’s Pet
48At the Police Station
49Capturing the Crooks
50The Alien Arrives
51Superman Gets His Man
52Jor-El on Krypton
53Jimmy Behind Bars
54Help Me, Superman
55Lois Threatened!
56Superman’s Search
57Pa Kent Finds Superboy
58Held as a Hostage
59Rocket from Krypton
60Flight over Metropolis
61The Kryptonite Ray
62Superman as a Baby
63Ruler of Krypton
64Superman’s Father
65Visitor from Space
66Harmless Blow