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1966 Topps Get Smart Checklist

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The 1966 Topps Get Smart trading card set is as unique and fun as the television show from which it was inspired.

Every card was a dual-panel front with a perforation down the center. The reverse of each card featured a riddle with a scratch-off panel that revealed the riddle’s answer.

Because the cards were perforated and the backs were “interactive”, it is very uncommon to find cards in pristine quality. That aside, it is still possible to find highly graded cards on the secondary market.

Get Smart, created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, released 138 episodes over its five season run between 1965 and 1970. The show starred Don Adams as Maxwell Smart — though Adams is best known to children of the 1980s as the voice of Inspector Gadget.

The series has inspired films and attempted spin-offs with varying degrees of success. A 1980 film was a commercial flop with a 17% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 1995 series starring Adams and Andy Dick lasted seven episodes. 2008’s film adaptation, however, was a commercial success.

Titles are found as a caption on the front of each black and white card. Any links appearing within the checklist will direct you to a relevant eBay listing.

1966 Topps Get Smart Checklist

Base Set – 66 Cards

#Card Title
1If It Goes Off, I’m In Trouble
2Going Down
3Finger Isometrics
4The Super Snooper
5Pardon My Foot
6Cone Of Silence
7The Arsenal
8K-13 And Friend
9On His Way To Headquarters
10Smart Punches In
11Oops Wrong Number
12Chief, One False Move & I’m Dead
13Planning Her Next Move
14Something Fishy About This
15Gad, This Gun Is A Toy, Too!
16I’ll Wait For Tomorrow’s Flight. I Already Saw The Movie
17We See Eye To Eye On Everything
18X86+X99=Formula For Trouble
19Control’s Top Agents
20Max Smart Control’s Problem
21Don Adams/Barbara Feldon
22Two Heads Are Better Than One?
23Agent X99
24Atta Boy K13 Go Get Em
25Maxwell Smart
26You Trying To Tell Me Something
27Max Smart’s Secert Weapon
28I Must Be Gaining Weight
29That Fat Gentleman Looks Familiar
30Come On K-13, Open Up
31We Got Them Or Vice Versa
32Adorable Agent
33Max You’ve Found The Lost Chord
34Everyone Up On Her Toes
35Ow My Karate Needs More Work
36Think They’ll Recognize Us?
37Never Trust A Ticking Doll
38This Is No Way To Punish An Agent
39Just In Time To Be Too Late
40It Sounds Like Coffee
41Oops, I Shot A Hole In The Roof!
42X99 Western Style
43When You Call Me An Idiot, Smile
44Figuring Out His Next Mistake
45Low Level Conference
46Is He Trying To Attract My Attention?
47Mister, Are You A Secret Agent?
48It Only Hurts When I Laugh
49I’ll Shoot When I Count 3…Maybe 4?
50Maxwell In Control
51Where Do You Want Your Head Sent?
52Think You Got Me? I Think So Too!
53There’s 1 Way I’ll Talk-That’s It!
54All This Protection Is Killing Me
55Be Quiet, I’ll Do The Panicking
56Careful With Your Shave Cream!
57Wonder Why It’s So Quiet In Here?
58This Beats Working
59Smart Hits The Jackpot
60Something’s Suspicious! Five Aces!
61Calling For Help!
62Smart Gets His Man
63Posing As A Big Gambler
64Hold It Chief, I’m Coming
65Don’t You Know I Have Hay Fever?
66Gee, I Wish This Gun Were Loaded