1966 Topps Batman Riddler Back trading card checklist

1966 Topps Batman Riddler Back Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1966

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

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1966 Topps Batman Riddler Back trading cards are one of several Batman sets released by Topps that year.

Using images from the Batman movie (1966), the set is nicknamed “Riddler Back” because of a series of riddles appearing on the reverse of each card.

The front of each card is designed to replicate a photo album with each production still set against a white border, “held in place” by red corners, and mounted on a black background.

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1966 Topps Batman Riddler Back Checklist

Base Set – 38 Cards

#Card Title
1Batman’s Butler
2The Boy Wonder
3Robin’s Time Out
4Rarin’ to Go
5A Lesson for Robin
6Bookworm Batman
7A Batly Gesture
8The Caped Crusader
9Batmobile Breakdown
10Beaming Batman
11Studious Crimefighter
12The Clown Prince of Crime
13A Dual Decision
14Convention Caper
15To the Bat-Foil
17Cautious Caped Crusader
18A Fearsome Foursome
19A Purr-Fect Plot
21United Underworld
22Awesome Foursome
23Boy Wonder’s Bat-Cart
24A Desperate Leap
25The Princess of Plunder’s Prey
26A Nefarious Note
28Close Call
29A Riddle for Robin
30Dashing Dick Grayson
31Bat on a Buoy
32Whacking Robin’s Wings
33The Pudgy Penguin
34Docking the Bat-Foil
35A Dastardly Duo
36A Catly Caper
37Showdown on the Sea
38Rescued by Robin