1966 Topps Batman Red Bat trading card checklist

1966 Topps Batman Red Bat Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1966

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Batman

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1966 Topps Batman Red Bat trading cards are the second of five sets of trading cards inspired by the popularity of the Batman television series.

Card fronts feature original artwork by Norman Saunders, a red border, and a red Batman logo with the card title written in white.

It is often considered Series 1 with the 1966 Topps Blue Bat trading cards considered Series 2.

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1966 Topps Batman Red Bat Checklist

Base Set – 44 Cards

#Card Title
1The Ghostly Foe
2Grappling a Gator
3The Menacing Mummy
4Target of the Trapper
5Pendulum Peril
6Facing the Axe
7The Batline Life-Line
8Tentacled Terror
9Knighting a Thief
10Cycling Crusader
11Landing a Big One
12Boiling Bath
13Out on a Limb
14Danger in the Depths
15Gotham Gallants
16Portable Bat Signals
17Link to Lincoln
18Death Spins a Web
19Leap for Life
20Surfing Sleuths
21Batman Wins a Prize
22Death Skis the Slopes
23Battling Nature’s Fury
24Tight Squeeze
25In the Bat Lab
26The Joker’s Last Laugh
27Striking Out the Cobra
28Victorious Duo
29Danger from 25th Century
30Undone by an Umbrella
31Flying Foes
32Captain Kidd\’s Caper
33Dynamite in Robin’s Nest
34The Batman Baby Sitter
35Crime above the Harbor
36Cliff Hangers
37Watery Warfare
38In the Path of Death
39Stopping the Sub
40Inferno of Flame
41Duel of Death
42Counterfeit Caped Crusader
43Menace in Fairyland
44Batman on Broadway