1965 Topps King Kong trading card checklist

1965 Topps King Kong Checklist

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The 1965 Topps King Kong trading card set is one of the most rare non-sports sets in the hobby. How rare? It’s possible that there are just dozens of complete sets worth of cards available and very few known complete sets.

The series is technically a test run which was, ultimately, never nationally distributed. Each of the 55 cards are black and white stills from the 1933 film which were taken directly from a print of the movie delivered to Topps by rights holder R.K.O. General. After the set was abandoned by Topps, they sold their images to Donruss – some of these images were used in a lower quality and widely distributed set that same year.

The images are chronological with each card back telling the story of the film.

The scarcity of this set may never be known. Between the incredibly short run, limited distribution geography, bad cuts, and age, these cards have become incredibly valuable among collectors. In 2016 a complete set of graded cards sold for more than $37,000 and individual cards rarely appear on eBay.

1965 Topps King Kong Checklist

Base Set – 55 Cards

1Mysterious Expedition
2Taken Captive
3Sacrifice to Kong
4Kong is Coming
5Beauty and the Beast
6King Kong
7Into the Jungle
8Tree of Terror
9Island Bridge
10Warning Cry
11Danger Ahead
12Into the Gorge
13In Hiding
14Enemy Approaching
15Moment of Fear
16Prehistoric Terror
17Battle to the Death
18Perilous Perch
20Kong Triumphs
21Cry of Victory
22In the Hands of Kong
25Danger from the Sky
26Carried Aloft
27Kong to the Resuce
28Destroying An Enemy
30Plunge to Safety
32Kong Returns
33Kong is Loose
34Blast Kong
35Gas Grenades
36Kong on Stage
37Stalking City Streets
38In Search of Ann
39Kong Closed In
40Face in the Window
41Captured Again
42Rooftop Peril
43On the Rampage
44Tracks of Doom
46The Mighty Kong
47Attacking Kong
48Kong Fights Back
49Kong Defiant
50Deadly Fire
51Out of Action
52Fight Above the City
53Kong is Hurt
54Dying Kong
55Kong is Dead