1965 Topps Gilligan's Island trading card checklist

1965 Topps Gilligan’s Island Checklist

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The 1965 Topps Gilligan’s Island trading card series features images from the first season of the iconic 60s sitcom.

Each card front has a black and white image of America’s favorite castaways with speech bubbles giving each card a comic feel.

The reverse of each card includes two half-card images. When the deck of cards is stacked, the reverse images form a flipbook of an “animated” scene.

Due to the flipbook feature of the card backs, undamaged cards in this set can come at quite a price. The show’s enduring legacy also aides in inflated prices for even mid-grade cards.

In 2018, Topps included the packaging for this set in their series of 80th anniversary Wrapper Art trading cards.

1965 Topps Gilligan’s Island Checklist

Base Set – 55 Cards

1You’ll be safe Skipper!
2Gee Skipper, you pop up in the strangest places
3Somebody call for a handy man?
4Are you sure this will go up?
5Don’t hit them too hard! They’re only eggs!
6Stop crying, Skipper, I’ll always be with you
7Gee, I thought you were the Statue of Liberty
8You said drop everything
9It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Gilligan!
10You first!
11If you say one word I’ll kill myself!
12What could go wrong with me at the wheel?
13it’s the footprint of a horrible monster!
14Always happy to lend a hand, Skipper!
15Drink this and you’ll feel like a million dol
16My gosh, it does look like Gilligan!
17There’s soemthing fishy about this place!
18Bob Denver
19You’re so strong, so brave, so fearless!
20Are you sure we’re safe from Gilligan in here
21Everything I say to you goes in one head and out the other
22Does neatness count?
23Why did I sit on that ant hill?
24Are you sure Tarzan started this way?
26I think the radio is fixed! Yeah?
27A sentry must always be alert!
28Ever have a fish in your mouth?
29Gilligan, investigate those strange noises. T
30Where are we going on this raft?
31Gee, we could be stuck here for years!
32One false move and I’ll shoot!
33Where’d everybody go?
34I wonder what the Skipper had in mind with this
35I don’t know what I’d do without you
36I’m a witch doctor making a house call!
37Gilligan to the Rescue!
38Can you see anything?
39What a crazy time to gargle!
40Only an idiot would fly this plane!
41Why’d I have to be stuck on the same island with you?
42Anyone for a showdown!
43Aw come on, stick ’em up!!
44Uh-oh, the Skipper stepped in my animal trap!
45They’ll never find me in this poison ivy!
46I’m starting my own fan club!
47I think I’m losing my mind! Don’t worry!
48Who’s the wise guy who said “Go jump in the lake
49It’s time you learned something about sailing
50Let me at him! Let me at him!
51I’m the brains of this outfit!
52I’m plane crazy about flying!
53I shouldn’t have made a hole in the boat
54I think I’m seasick.
55The Castaways