1964 Topps Outer Limits trading card checklist

1964 Topps Outer Limits Checklist

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1964 Topps Outer Limits trading cards were released under the company’s “Bubbles Inc” brand subsidiary and highlight the monsters from the popular television show. Due to copyright issues, the stories told on card backs differ from the source material of the card images.

The checklist for this set consists of 50 cards but nearly half the cards are considered short prints which makes complete sets a bit of a rarity. Further, the black border on both sides of the card highlights edge wear, chipping, and off-center printing which makes high-quality sets an ever more rare occurrence.

A&BC and O-Pee-Chee also released this set in England and Canada respectively.

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1964 Topps Outer Limits Checklist

Base Set – 50 Cards

1Television Terror
2Radio-Active Man
3Transparent Creature
4Terror from Space
5Man from Galaxy “X”
6Jelly Creature
7Unstoppable One
8Jelly Man Attacks
9Fangs of Death
10Visit from the Future
11Man from Tomorrow
12Monster from Venus
13Horror in the Woods
14Hunting New Victims
15Brainless Glob
16Man With Super Sight
17Not of This World
18Invasion of the Sea Beast
19Sea Beast Strikes
20Fury of the Sea Beast
21Prize Catch
22Captive Beast
23Human Insects
24Invade Earth
25Thing from Mercury
26The Death Ray
27The Doom Machine
28Twin Space Terrors
29Night of Terror
30The Invader
31The Mind Stealer
32You Are in My Power
33Incredible Ice Man
34Frozen Terror
35Plotting Destruction
36Bring in the Earthmen
37You Can’t Stop Me
38Brain Destroyer
39Martian Torture
40Touch of Death
41Fearful Foe
42Captive Scientist
43Living Nightmare
45The Clay Man
46Clay Man’s Revenge
47Clay Man’s Next Victim
48Uninvited Guest
49The Escape
50Destruction of the Clay Man