1957 Topps Planes of the World trading card checklist

1957 Topps Planes of the World

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The 1957 Topps Planes of the World trading card set exhibits the iconic wings to date with gorgeous in-flight color art work.

The base set consists of 120 cards but, in all, there are 240 cards to collect as card backs alternate between red and blue printing. The back of each card includes a short history of the plane or helicopter as well as stat lines such as span, length, range, speed, weight, crew members, and engines.

Card fronts are artist portrayals of the vessels in flight, laid on a simple white border and with a yellow title card in the corner. Cards are fairly easy to track down online at a reasonable price so collectors can piece this collection together without spending a lot of money.

The packaging for this set was used as card #27 of the Topps 80th Anniversary Wrapper Art series

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1957 Topps Planes of the World Checklist

Base Set – 120 Cards
Red Backs
Blue Backs

1F4D Skyray
2Lockheed T2V-1
3F7U-3 Cutlass
4YC-130A Hercules
5Convair B-36H
6F-84F Thunderstreak
7B-52 Stratofortress
8AD-6 Skyraider
91048 Propeloplane
10Lockheed WV-2
11XP6M-1 Seamaster
12Douglas DC-8
13UF-1 Albatross
14Bell XH-40
15F9F-8 Cougar
16F-89D Scorpion
18T-33A Shooting Star
19Bristol 173
20MS 760 Paris
23RF-84K “FICON”
24Avro CF-100
27F-100 Super Sabre
28B-47E Stratojet
29F-86H Sabre
30Percival Provost
32MIG 15
35M-4 Horse
38Rubber Plane
39Avro Shackleton
40Fairey Delta 2
41Convair 880
43Colonial Skimmer
44YH-16 Transporter
45SG-4 Blimp
46F-84G Thunderjet
47F3D-2 Skynight
48F3H-2N Demon
49Grumman Avenger
50Martin B-57
51F-104A “Starfighter”
52KC-97G Stratofreighter
53Fairchild C-123
54Convair XC-99
551049-G Super Constellation
56A3D-1 Skywarrior
57Douglas RB-66
58F11F-1 Tiger
59A4D-1 Skyhawk
60FJ-3 Fury
61Cessna YH-41
62Leduc O-21
63Douglas C-133A
64FB-30 Vampire
65Bell X-2
66Boeing QB-17 Drone
68Boeing 707
69DC-7C Seven Seas
70Sikorsky H-34A
71Flying Platform
72Rotor Craft
73Hughes Falcon
74Lockheed X-7
75Martin Matador
76Avro 707B
77DHC-3 Otter
78MK-6 Sabre
79Folland Gnat
80Mk-7 Swift
81DH-106 Comet
82Victor B-1
83170R Magister
84Dassault Mirage
86XF2Y-1 Sea Dart
87Convair F-102A
88F5D-1 Skylancer
89F-86D Sabre
90F-101A Voodoo
91F8U-1 Crusader
92F-94C Starfire
93AD-5 Skyraider
95Grumman S2F-1
96P2V-7 Neptune
97B-26C Invader
98B-45C Tornado
99B-50 Superfortress
100AJ-1 Savage
102KC-135A Stratotanker
103Convair R4Y-1
104R3Y-2 Tradewind
105C-124C Globemaster II
106Stroukoff YC-123E
107P4M-1 Mercator
108Cessna OE-2
109Cessna T-37A
110Temco TT-1
112T-37 Bison
115Jet Mentor
117Vickers Valliant
118Tu-31 Barge
119T-35 Bosun