1956 Topps Elvis Presley trading card checklist

1956 Topps Elvis Presley Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1956

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

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1956 Topps Elvis Presley trading cards captured the King of Rock and Roll at the peak of his early era. This set was released in the midst of a string of hit records, the start of his film career, and predates his draft into the military.

The set, which was released under Topps’ subsidiary “Bubbles Inc”, contained 66 cards with cards #47-66 geared specifically to Elvis’ first film, Love Me Tender, which was released in November of 1956.

This set marked the beginning of sets being designed for a single specific artist and was also among the first sets to utilize the now standard 2.5×3.5 card dimension. Not even 1956 Topps baseball cards had yet moved to this card size.

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1956 Topps Elvis Presley Checklist

Base Set – 66 Cards

ACC# – R710-1

1Go, Go, Go, Elvis
2Elvis Presley
3Relaxing at Rehearsal
4Love Me Tender
5Soft and Mellow
6Elvis with His Fans
7Presley Press Conference
8Singing with the Heart
9Time Out Between Shows
10America’s Singing Idol
11Don’t Be Cruel
12Pickin’ Out a Tune
13Steve Allen and Elvis
14Down on the Farm
15Judging His Record
16Vacation Fun
17Studying the Script
18Signing Session
19I Want You, I Need You, I Love
20A Tux for TV
21Elvis Presley
22The Fan’s Friend
23Ready to Ride
24Elvis’ Movie Debut
25Elvis’ Motorcycle
26Hound Dog
27Swinging Low
28Acting Outdoors
29Facing the Cameras
30Elvis the Actor
31At the Keyboard
32Tuning up for the Show
33A Show for the Home Town
34Taking It Easy Between Scenes
35Elvis at 17
36Chow Time on the Movie Set
37Strumming for Fun
38Elvis’ Escort
39Lights, Camera, Action!
40Serenade to a Pooch
41Rockin’ on Stage
42Radio Broadcast
43Recording Session
44Elvis’ Special Shirt
45Preparing to go on Stage
46America’s Top Singer
47Clint and Cathy Reno
48Farm Chores
49New Member of the Family
50Hard Work
51Happy Homecoming
52Porch Performance
53I Want an Honest Answer
54Heading for the Fair
55Singing Up a Storm
56Bad News
57I’m Goin’ to Vance
58Rescue Ride
59Clint’s Plan
60Don’t Try to Stop Me
61Fighting Mad
62Two Against One
63Setting the Trap
64Let Him Have It, Clint
65Clint Takes Aim
66Go Back to Vance