1956 Gum Inc Adventure trading card checklist

1956 Gum Inc Adventure Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1956

Manufacturer Archive: Gum Inc

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists

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1956 Gum Inc Adventure trading cards cover a little bit of everything including deep water animals, bull fighting, boxing, track and field, winter sports, racing, the military, and more.

The card fronts feature action packed illustrations and the card backs explain the action on the front. The text on the card backs has been criticized for factual errors and the borders on the card fronts create an all too common issue with centering.

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1956 Gum Inc Adventure Checklist

Base Set – 100 Cards

ACC# – R749

1At the End of the Rainbow – Gold
2The Porcupine – Attack Proof?
3Indian Rope Trick – Fake or Fact?
4Manolette – Bullfighter Supreme
5One Day Man Will Fly
6The Space Man of the Future
7The Greatest Show on Earth
8Baskets + Rebounds = Points
9An Army of Ski Enthusiasts
10Bobsledding — Lake Placid Style
11Willie Pep — Hartford Wonder
12The Thousand – Thrill Sport
13Norkay — Conqueror of Everest
14Shy, Beautiful and Wild
15Ivory Coast Snake Dance
16Pan American Pacers Pant
17Devilfish and Child’s Play
18Over the Bounding Waves
19A Tourist Paradise
20Not for Beginners
21Red-Stopper in Korea
22Post-War Battlers
23Audie Murphy — Real Life Hero
24Manning the Honest John
25The Navy’s Regulus
26Sunburns and Floor Burns
27Bottlenosed Dolphin
28Mobile St– Bernards
29As American as the Hot Dog
30Too Close for Comfort
31Canadian Fighter Tommy Burns
32Jack Johnson — Jabber
33Jess Willard of Kansas
34Dempsey — Manassa Mauler
35Gene Tunney, Undefeated Champ
36The Muskellunge — Fighter
37No Circus Stunt This
38Dirt Track Hot-Rodders
39One Down — Zeroes to Go
40Mountain Climbing, Monkey-Style
41Louis, The Brown Bomber
42Charles — All-Star Athlete
43Jersey Bouncer — Joe Walcott
44Brockton Blockbuster
45Rainmaking — Scientific Magic
46Aerial Torpedos and Shellfire
47The Stanley Steamer — 1906
48Marquette — Priest, Explorer
49Skimming over the Ice
50Happy Hunting Grounds
51Boston’s Skyline
52Racing, with a Pinch of Salt
53The Pilot Boat Pet
54Not All Pilots Fly
55Boston’s Golden Greek
56Into the Air and Over
57Wedding of the Year — 1956
58Leathernecks Courageous
59King of the Wild Frontier
60The Navy’s “Flying Saucer”
61Flying at 3000-Miles-an-Hour
62Sitting on Top of the World
63Hockey’s Hardy Perennials
64The Pintail Flyaway
65A Hunter’s Dream Come True
66British Navy — African Style
67Ride ‘Em, Cowboy
68Breaking a Horse Cowboy Style
69Shrine of Democracy
70Showshoe Thompson Mail Man
71When a Feller Needs a Friend
72A Fisherman’s Life Is Happy
73The Groundhog’s Shadow
74In the Great Northwest
75Famed for Their Mimicry
76The Great John L
77Lightning Fast — Jim Corbett
78Fitzsimmons — KO Specialist
79Jeffries — California Grizzly
80Marvin Hart — Interim champ
81Letting Loose on the Boards
82A Boy’s Best Friend
83The Ageless Sport
84Not Flying, Just A-Jumpin’
85Over Fence for New Record
86The Black Uhlan of the Rhine
87Squire of Newton and
88Primo Carnera — Giant Killer
89Max Baer — Actor, Boxer
90Braddock — Gentleman Boxer
91Dead Heat — All the Way
92Bob Mathias, Superman
93First to Clear 7-Foot Barrier
94The Northern Light
95Alone with Gulls and Sea
96Scramble, Men, Scramble
97Cameramen — Nervy Humans
98Sea Firefighters — Lifesavers
99Rusty Bacon at $10 Per Pound
100Conestoga — Pioneer Transport