1955 Topps Rails and Sails trading card checklist

1955 Topps Rails and Sails Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1955

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

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The checklist for 1955 Topps Rails and Sails trading cards consisted of 200 gorgeous cards split between trains (#1-130) and ships (#131-200).

What’s most interesting about this set is that the two subjects have completely different card designs. The trains have a border and railroad logo while the ships are full bleed. Both subsets also have their own set of “high number” short prints so even though card #83 isn’t a high number out of 200, out of the 130 train cards it is considered as such. Short prints include cards 81-130 and 151-200 — half the set.

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1955 Topps Rails and Sails Checklist

Base Set – 200 Cards

ACC# – R714-17

1Locomotive “999”
2Covered Hopper Car
3Electric Locomotive
4S-1 Electric Type
5Daylight Streamliner
6Camelback Locomotive
7Electric Locomotive
8Electric Locomotive
9Steel Caboose
10Ballast Dump Car
11Stock Car
12Steam Turbine
13Three-dome Tank Car
14Wooden Tank Car
15Chlorine Container Car
16Enclosed Cab Locomotive
17Depressed Center Flat Car
18Steam Locomotive
19Tank Locomotive
20Steel Box Car
21Diesel Locomotive
22Shark Nose Diesel Locomotive
23PCC Trolley
25North Star
26Diesel Switcher
27Rack-rail Locomotive
28Electric Locomotive
29Ballast Hopper Car
30William Mason
31Wedge Snow Plow
32Diesel Streamliner
33First Consolidation
34Rotary Snow Plow
35Inspection Engine
36Diesel Switcher
37Refrigerator Car
38Pacific Type Locomotive
39Steam Locomotive
40Holman’s Absurdity
41First Diesel
42Diesel Switcher
43Wooden Caboose
45Switching Engine
46Birney Trolley Car
47Forney Locomotive
48Bay-window Caboose
49Fireless Cooker
51Gas-turbine Locomotive
52Diesel Locomotive
53Vista Dome Coach
54Gas-electric Car
57Steam Locomotive
59Sailing Car
60Stephenson’s “Rocket”
61Street Car
62McKeen Motor Car
63Eddy Clock
64One-dome Tank Car
65Casey Jones’ Locomotive
66Cable Car
67Live Poultry Car
68Diesel Locomotive
69Crampton Locomotive
70Electric Locomotive
71Horse Treadmill Car
728-Wheel Trolley
73Wrecking Crane
74Wootten Camelback Locomotive
75Rail Diesel Car
77Observation Car
78First Mogul
79Stourbridge Lion
80Steam Locomotive
81South Carolina
82Diesel Locomotive
83Commodore Vanderbilt
84Pulpwood Car
851902 “20th Century”
86Articulated Type
87Early Switcher
88Electric Type
89Passenger Car
91Theatrical Car
92Demonstration Locomotive
93John Bull
94Experimental Locomotive
950-6-0 Switcher
96Dining Car
97Sugar Cane Car
98Ore Car
99Automobile Box Car
100Private Car
101Joshua Rhodes
102Steam Streamliner
103Refrigerator Car
104The “Hiawatha”
105Narrow Gauge
106Best Friend
107The “Pioneer”
108Subway Train
109Electric Type
110Electric Type
111Streamlined Steam Locomotive
1120-8-0 Switcher
113Camel Type
114Old Ironsides
115Grasshopper Type
116Multiple Unit Train
117Open End Day Coach
118Electric Type
119High Pressure Locomotive
120Cab Forward Locomotive
121ACF Talgo
122Steam Locomotive
123Red Arrow Express
125Steam Streamliner
126Steam Locomotive
127Single Wheeler
128Steel Box Car
129Baldwin Locomotive
130First “Zephyr”
131War Galley
132Whale Back
135Express Cruiser
136Norwegian Long Ship
137Santa Maria
138Fishing Vessel
140U.S.C.G.C. Comanche
141Canal Boat
142Charles H. West
143Indian Canoe Birch Bark
144Flat Boat
145Anne Morgan
146East Indiaman
147Show Boat
148Herring Drifter
149Fishing Junk
150Outrigger Canoe
151Ferry Boat
152Queen Elizabeth
153Fishing Cruiser
155Oyster Boat
156Greek War Ship
157Net Tender
158Dutch Botter
159Ore Carrier
162Egyptian Ship
163English Hoy
165Tramp Steamer
167Light Ship
168Surf Boat
169Oil Tanker
170Steam Packet
172S.S. United States
173Hawaiian Liner
174Torpedo Boat
175Miss Liberty
177Racing Boat
179Crash Boat
180U.S.S. Indiana
181Tuna Clipper
182Harbor Dredge
183Speed Boat
185Whale Ship
186Salvage Tug
187Fire Boat
188S.S. Caronia
189Landing Ship – U. S. Navy
190U.S.S. Missouri
191Hastings Lugger
192Shrimp Boat
195Great Eastern
196Roman Trireme
197English Warship
198Tow Boat
199Hospital Ship
200Flat Top