1954 Topps Hockey card checklist

1954 Topps Hockey Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1954

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

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The 1954 Topps Hockey trading card set covered the 1954/55 season and included 60 cards. 16 of the 60 players included in this collection went on to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, although none of the set’s nine rookies are inductees.

Only the four American teams of the era (Red Wings, Bruins, Rangers, and Black Hawks) appear in this set and the two Canadian teams are absent. This is the first hockey set produced by Topps, as Parkhurst was the major player in Hockey cards and included both Canadian teams in their sets. This set does include some highly valued cards and is notable for being the first by Topps.

The packaging for this set was featured as card #9 of the 2018 Topps 80th Anniversary Wrapper Art collection of on-demand trading cards.

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1954 Topps Hockey Checklist

Base Set – 60 Cards

ACC# – R412


1Dick Gamble
12Gordon HollingworthRC
13Ray Timgren
17Gus Mortson
20Bill Gadsby
21Jerry Toppazzini
24Metro Prystai
26Al Rollins
28Lou JankowskiRC
30Frank Martin
33Pete Conacher
40Larry Wilson
42Red Sullivan
43Jack McIntyre
54Bill Mosienko


6Real Chevrefils
7Bob Armstrong
18Doug MohnsRC
19Leo Labine
25Fern Flaman
31Lorne Ferguson
35Don McKenneyRC
36Fleming Mackell
37Jim Henry
38Hal Laycoe
47Cal Gardner
48Ed Sandford
49Bill Quackenbush
50Warren Godfrey
60Milt Schmidt


2Bob ChrystalRC
3Harry Howell
10Gump Worsley
11Andy Bathgate
14Jack Evans
15Paul Ronty
22Wally Hergesheimer
23Danny Lewicki
29Nick Mickoski
32Camille HenryRC
41Allan Stanley
44Ivan Irwin
53Don Raleigh
55Larry PopeinRC
56Edgar Laprade

Red Wings

4Johnny Wilson
5Red Kelly
8Gordie Howe
9Benny Woit
16Glen Skov
27Marcel Pronovost
34Marty Pavelich
39Alex Delvecchio
45Tony Leswick
46Bob Goldham
51Ted Lindsay
52Dutch Reibel
57Bill Dineen
58Terry Sawchuk
59Marcel BoninRC