1953 Topps Who-z-At Star trading card checklist

1953 Topps Who-z-At Star Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1953

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

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1953 Topps Who-z-at Star trading cards featured 80 of the biggest stars of the day in sharp, Flexichrome coloring.

Each card back includes a short bio and some stats for the actor portrayed on the front as well a “Who-z-At Star” puzzle question that is answered on the preceding card.

There are a number of celebrities featured in this set who have gone all but forgotten except for the most die-hard cinema buff but much of the checklist contains stars who remain household names to this day.

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1953 Topps Who-z-at Star Checklist

Base Set – 80 Cards

ACC# – R710-4

1Brian Donlevy
2Rex Allen
3Forrest Tucker
4Allan Rocky Lane
5Joan Leslie
6Roy Barcroft
7Ella Raines
8Rod Cameron
9Fred MacMurray
10Vera Ralston
11Dennis O’Keefe
12Ruth Hussey
13Eve Arden
14William Demarest
15Scott Brady
16Buddy Baer
17John Lund
18Katy Jurado
19Audrey Totter
20Elaine Stewart
21Jane Powell
23Lionel Barrymore
24Betta St. John
25Marjorie Main
26Harry Carey, Jr.
27Deborah Kerr
28Polly Bergen
29Pier Angeli
30William Powell
31William Campbell
32James Craig
33Gig Young
34Ricardo Montalban
35Howard Keel
36Eleanor Parker
37Gene Kelly
38Keenan Wynn
39Clark Gable
40Cara Williams
41Marge & Gower Champion
42Van Johnson
43June Allyson
44Janet Leigh
45Ava Gardner
46Red Skelton
47Robert Taylor
48Carleton Carpenter
49Esther Williams
50Walter Pidgeon
51Stewart Granger
52Elizabeth Taylor
53Cyd Charisse
54Lana Turner
55Greer Garson
56Vic Damone
57Ann Miller
58Robert Horton
59Vittorio Gassman
60Rita Gam
61Steve Forrest
62Leslie Caron
63Ann Blyth
64Spencer Tracy
65Red Buttons
66Johnny Sheffield
67Wayne Morris
68Leo Gorcey
69The Nelsons
70Arleen Whelan
71Richard Anderson
72Barry Sullivan
73Mona Freeman
74Preston Foster
75Robert Stack
76Slim Pickens
77Debbie Reynolds
78Nanette Fabray
79Errol Flynn
80J. Carrol Naish