1953 Topps Tarzan and the She Devil trading card checklist

1953 Topps Tarzan and the She Devil Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1953

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Tarzan

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists

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1953 Topps Tarzan and the She Devil trading cards were one of two Tarzan sets released by Topps that year. This set is inspired by a movie of the same name which was also released in 1953. Like Tarzan’s Savage Fury, each card front features an image in 3D which requires special glasses.

Both Tarzan sets are virtually identical except for border and backing colors but are easily identifiable.

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1953 Topps Tarzan and the She Devil Checklist

Base Set – 60 Cards

ACC# – R714-21

1Lord of the Jungle
2Leaping Death
3Arrival at Dagar
4A Plan Is Made
5Tarzan and His Mate
6Under-Water Fun
7Cheeta Steals an Egg
8Help Is Needed
9Running thru the Jungle
10The Lion Leaps
11Looking at the Slaves
12Waiting to Strike
13Tarzan Attacks
14Freeing the Slaves
15Cheeta Joins the Fun
16Race for Safety
17Surrounded by Guards
18Fight with a Giant
19Tarzan Throws Selim
20Over the Wall
21Practice for Battle
22The Safari Approaches
23Rolling Death
24Tarzan’s Ultimatum
25The Elephants Approach
26Treachery Is Planned
27The Laikopos Are Trapped
28Struggle against Capture
29Escape from Flames
30Through the Trees
31Tarzan Falls
32The Ropes Are Broken
33Can Jane Be Dead?
35Threat from a Snake
36Carried to Safety
37Tarzan Is Whipped
38Moving Through the Jungle
39Slashing Jaws
40Cheeta Tries to Help
41The Stockade Is Built
42The Faithful Friend
43After Fresh Food
44Bullets against Tusks
45Treachery Is Overheard
46Jane Is Trapped
47Tarzan Is Helpless
48A Shot in Time
49Tarzan Sees Jane
50Tarzan Submits
51The Gun Is Ready
52Tarzan’s Yell
53An Answer from the Jungle
54The Elephants Charge
55Into the Stockade
56Jane Must Be Rescued
57Not a Minute to Lose
58Rocky Protection
59The Laikopos Are Free
60Free Once More