1953 Topps Fighting Marines trading card checklist

1953 Topps Fighting Marines Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1953

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Military

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists

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1953 Topps Fighting Marines trading card consist of 96 cards divided into five categories. The set is a mix between actual photography and the pulp-style artwork that was popular at the time. The categories are as follows:

#CategoryImage Type
1-23Marines in TrainingPhoto
24-48Marines in the PacificPaint
49-70Marine HeroesPaint
71-90History of the MarinesPaint
91-96Marine UniformsPaint

This set was released in two configurations: single cards and dual-perforated cards which could be separated. Despite the packaging stating the title of this set as “Fightin’ Marines” (which would have paired with a pulp comic of the same name which was published between 1951 and 1984) the card backs are branded as “Fighting Marines” which has become the common nomenclature for this release.

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1953 Topps Fighting Marines Checklist

Base Set – 96 Cards

ACC# – R709-1

1Firing the Howitzer
2On the March
3Landing a Tank
4Riding the Tank
5Bayonet Practice
6Firing Instructions
7Night Combat
8Obstacle Course
9Flame Thrower
10Storming Ashore
11House to House Combat
12Clashing Steel
13Into the Surf!
15Communications Personnel
16Woman Marine
17Careful Aim
18Mortar Sight
19Automatic Rifle
20Set for Action
21Howitzer Crew
22Throw That Grenade!
23Light Machine Guns
24Final Instructions
25Take Off!
26Scouting the Beach
27Officer in Action
28Pushing Forward
29Get That Plane
31Jungle Wire
32Wash Day
33Rescue at Sea
34Landing Signal
35Rush for the Gun
36Hit the Beach
37Gunnery Sergeant
38Supplies for Battle
39Down They Go!
40Battle for Tarawa
41Into the Night
42General A. A. Vandergrift
43Iwo Jima!
44Marine Fighter
45Target Ahead!
46Attack from the Skies
47Back from the Front
48Lowering a Bomb
49The Last Moment
50In the Face of Death
51Forcing an Entrance
52Dangerous Landing
53Riding the Tail
54Flying Leathernecks
55Raging Sea
56Into the Flames
57Marine Engineers
58Staying with a Pal
59Bare-Handed Attack
60Under Fire
61Iwo Jima Hero
62Single-Handed Battle
63Life Saver!
64Dead Shot!
65Fearless Leader
66Exposed to Fire
67Dodging Bullets
68Grenade Attack
69Rear Guard
70Saving the Wounded
71From the Halls of Montezuma – 1847
72Against the Indians
73World War I – 1917-18
74Boxer Rebellion – 1900
75Raiding the Bahamas – 1776
76Into Korea – 1871
77To the Shores of Tripoli – 1805
78Civil War – 1861-1865
79First Marine Aviator – 1912
80Spanish-American War – 1898
81Belleau Wood – 1918
82In the Philippines – 1900
83In the Caribbean
84Sumatra – 1831
85Wake Island – 1941
86Solomon Islands – 1942
87Iceland – 1941
88Inchon – 1950
89Pusan – 1950
90Wonsan – 1950
91U. S. Marines – 1775
92U. S. Marines – 1805
93U. S. Marines – 1847
94U. S. Marines – 1861
95U. S. Marines – 1898
96U. S. Marines – 1918