1953 Post Roy Rogers trading card checklist

1953 Post Roy Rogers Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1953

Manufacturer Archive: Post Cereal

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1953 Post Roy Rogers trading cards were distributed in boxes of Post Cereal and inspired by Rogers’ television series which aired 100 episodes over six seasons.

Each card was perforated to create a pop-out. The reverse of each card included instructions on how to pop-out and fold each particular card. Because they were designed to be destroyed — at least by collector standards — it can be very difficult to find high quality, in-tact, samples from this set.

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1953 Post Roy Rogers Checklist

Base Set – 36 Cards

ACC# – F278-19

1Double-R Bar Ranch
2Trigger Rears High in the Air
3Roy and Trigger Head Off Trouble
4Pat Brady and His Jeep, “Nelly Bell”
5Roy Sees Signs of Trouble
6Roy Picks Up the Trail
7Roy and Trigger Take Time Out for a Swim
8Trigger’s Hoofs Get a Cleaning
9Roy’s Prize Western Saddle
10Roy Trains His Dog, “Bullet”
11“Whitt’lin”, a Cowboy’s Pastime
12Sundown and a Peaceful Calm
13Roy Brings Outlaws to Justice
14Roy Brings in a Bandit
15Trigger, Dale and Roy
16A Great Team, Roy, Trigger, and Bullet
17Roy Waits in Ambush
18Roy Does Some Trick Riding
19Trigger Saves Roy
20The King and Queen of the West
23Pat Serenades Dale
24Roy Ready for Some Trick Shooting
25After the Bandit
26Fists Must Work if Guns Fail
27Trigger Saves Roy in a Forest Fire
28Roy Ties Up Bandits as Dale Stands Guard
29Trigger Jumps a Fence
30Roy Rogers
31Trigger “Says His Prayers”
32Dale Helps Roy with Guns and Spurs
33Branding Time
34Dale and Roy After a Day’s Adventure
35Dale Applies First-Aid
36Dale Evans