1953 Bowman Firefighters trading card checklist

1953 Bowman Firefighters Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1953

Manufacturer Archive: Bowman

Tag Archive: Transportation

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists

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1953 Bowman Firefighters was a set of 64 trading cards that showcased the history of fire fighting over the first half of the century. The front of each card displays a painted portrait of some sort of heavy machinery and the reverse of each card explains that machinery and also advises kids not to play with fire.

This set didn’t have the highest production run so it’s not uncommon to see raw cards in pretty rough condition still selling for $10 or more.

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1953 Bowman Firefighters Checklist

Base Set – 64 Cards

ACC# – R701-3

1Modern Fire Engine
2Modern Hook and Ladder
3Modern Pumping Engine
4Airport Crash Truck
5Modern Fire Department Ambulance
6Modern Rescue Truck
7Modern Quadruple Combination
8Modern Hook and Ladder
9Ward La France 3 Stage “Booster”
10Modern General Service Truck
11Modern Pumping Engine
12Modern Pumping Engine
13Modern Hook and Ladder
14Pumper Hook and Ladder Combination
15Modern Hook and Ladder
16Engine Searchlight Combination
17Engine Propelled Steam Fire Engine
18Modern Searchlight Engine
19Modern Quadruple
20Modern Quadruple Combination
211912 Knox Combination
22Knox Chief’s Car 1916
231901 Searchlight Unit
241912 Pumping Engine
251912 Pumping Engine
261916 Fire Patrol
271918 Hook and Ladder Truck
281914 Knox Combination
291911 Self Propelled Steam Engine
30Water Tower 1900
311925 Hose and Chemical Combination
32Modern Pumping Combination
33Modern Hight Pressure Fog Unit
34Modern Pumping Engine
351923 Service Ladder Truck
361925 Chemical Truck
371848 Hand Operated Engine
38Modern Fireboat
39Modern Crash Truck
401926 Motorcycle Fire Engine
411922 Triple Combination
421923 Hose Cart
431925 Triple Combination
44Modern Rescue Truck
451938 Combination
46Modern Fire Boat
47Modern Rescue Truck and Pumper
481850 Squirrel Tail Engine
49Smoke Ejector
50Modern Hook and Ladder
511935 Double Combustion
52Horse Drawn Steam Engine
53Modern Triple Combination
54Modern Special Apparatus
55Modern Triple Combination
56Modern Rescue Truck
57Modern Fire Boat
58Modern Fire Boat
59Modern Triple Combination
601924 Hook and Ladder
611925 Pumping Engine
621932 Hook and Ladder
63Modern Pumping Engine
641939 Pumping Engine