1952 Topps Look n See trading card checklist

1952 Topps Look ‘n See Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1952

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Historical

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists

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1952 Topps Look n See trading cards were released over two series (1-75 and 76-135) and totaled 135 cards. The subject matters on the card fronts range from presidents and royalty to inventors, scientists, entertainers, and athletes.

The set was divided into several subgroups. Series 1 grouped the subjects together (see below) but not in order. For example, card #1 is #2 of 9 in the Presidents series. For Series 2 the subgroups were no longer grouped together but rather distributed throughout the remainder of the checklist.

The reverse of each card included a bio of the card subject as well as a trivia question. To reveal the answer to the question, collectors had to place a piece of “magic red paper” over the card which would expose the blue design beneath the red print.

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1952 Topps Look ‘n See Checklist

Base Set – 135 Cards

ACC# – R714-16

1Franklin D. RooseveltPresidents 2/9
2Woodrow WilsonPresidents 3/9
3Thomas JeffersonPresidents 8/9
4Abraham LincolnPresidents 1/9
5Harry TrumanPresidents 9/9
6Theodore RooseveltPresidents 6/9
7Ulysses S. GrantPresidents 4/9
8Andrew JacksonPresidents 5/9
9George WashingtonPresidents 7/9
10Gen. G. W. GoethalsFamous Americans 2/22
11Nathan HaleFamous Americans 13/22
12Francis Scott KeyFamous Americans 14/22
13Wilbur WrightFamous Americans 22/22
14Jefferson DavisFamous Americans 9/22
15Babe RuthFamous Americans 8/22
16Paul RevereFamous Americans 12/22
17Patrick HenryFamous Americans 11/22
18Washington IrvingFamous Americans 10/22
19Alexander HamiltonFamous Americans 1/22
20Albert EinsteinFamous Americans 18/22
21Benjamin FranklinFamous Americans 17/22
22Daniel WebsterFamous Americans 6/22
23James A. McNeill WhistlerFamous Americans 4/22
24Phineas T. BarnumFamous Americans 5/22
25George EastmanFamous Americans 21/22
26George Washington CarverFamous Americans 20/22
27Luther BurbankFamous Americans 7/22
28Stephen FosterFamous Americans 16/22
29Mark TwainFamous Americans 15/22
30Col. Charles A. LindberghFamous Americans 3/22
31Henry FordFamous Americans 19/22
32Gen. Douglas MacArthurMilitary Leaders 1/11
33Oliver H. PerryMilitary Leaders 8/11
34Gen. Robert E. LeeMilitary Leaders 4/11
35Gen. Matthew RidgewayMilitary Leaders 9/11
36Gen. Claire ChennaultMilitary Leaders 10/11
37George A. CusterMilitary Leaders 11/11
38Stephen DecaturMilitary Leaders 6/11
39Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.Military Leaders 3/11
40Stonewall JacksonMilitary Leaders 5/11
41Dwight D. EisenhowerMilitary Leaders 2/11
42John Paul JonesMilitary Leaders 7/11
43Eleanor RooseveltFamous Women 3/4
44CleopatraFamous Women 1/4
45Amelia EarhartFamous Women 2/4
46Annie OakleyFamous Women 4/4
47Robert PearyExplorers 4/6
48Ferdinand MagellanExplorers 6/6
49Ponce De LeonExplorers 1/6
50Richard ByrdExplorers 5/6
51Christopher ColumbusExplorers 3/6
52BalboaExplorers 2/6
53Kit CarsonMen of the West 3/11
54Buffalo BillMen of the West 1/11
55Daniel BooneMen of the West 2/11
56GeronimoMen of the West 9/11
57Jesse JamesMen of the West 4/11
58Sitting BullMen of the West 8/11
59CochiseMen of the West 10/11
60Wild Bill HickokMen of the West 5/11
61Sam HoustonMen of the West 7/11
62Bat MastersonMen of the West 11/11
63Billy the KidMen of the West 6/11
64Winston ChurchillWorld Figures 2/5
65Mahatma GandhiWorld Figures 1/5
66William ShakespeareWorld Figures 4/5
67Napoleon BonaparteWorld Figures 3/5
68Sir Isaac NewtonWorld Figures 5/5
69Guglielmo MarconiInventors 4/7
70Samuel B. F. MorseInventors 5/7
71Thomas A. EdisonInventors 3/7
72Cyrus H. McCormickInventors 2/7
73Robert FultonInventors 6/7
74Alexander Graham BellInventors 7/7
75Elias HoweInventors 1/7
76Louis PasteurWorld Figures S2 9/19
77William PennFamous Americans S2 3/16
78Thomas PaineFamous Americans S2 6/16
79Edgar Allan PoeFamous Writers 3/10
80Will RogersFamous Americans S2 8/16
81Sir Walter RaleighExplorers S2 5/6
82RembrandtWorld Figures S2 7/19
83Clara BartonFamous Women S2 1/7
84Julius CaesarWorld Figures S2 13/19
85Chiang Kai-ShekWorld Figures S2 1/19
86Benvenuto CelliniWorld Figures S2 4/19
87Marie CurieFamous Women S2 7/7
88Roald AmundsenExplorers S2 1/6
89Hans Christian AndersonFamous Writers 9/10
90Benedict ArnoldFamous Americans S2 1/16
91Enrico CarusoFamous Americans S2 2/16
92Louis DaguerreWorld Figures S2 10/19
93Admiral George DeweyFamous Americans S2 16/16
94Sir Francis DrakeExplorers S2 2/6
95Alfred E. SmithFamous Americans S2 12/16
96TecumsehFamous Americans S2 13/16
97Jules VerneFamous Writers 6/10
98Adlai StevensonFamous Americans S2 10/16
99Lester B. PearsonFamous Canadians 2/2
100Lord William BeaverbrookFamous Canadians 1/2
101Daniel DefoeFamous Writers 10/10
102Anne of ClevesFamous Women S2 6/7
103Duke of WindsorWorld Figures S2 2/19
104Queen Elizabeth IIFamous Women S2 5/7
105Leonardo da VinciWorld Figures S2 5/19
106MachiavelliWorld Figures S2 12/19
107George C. MarshallFamous Americans S2 4/16
108MichelangeloWorld Figures S2 6/19
109Admiral Horatio NelsonWorld Figures S2 18/19
110NeroWorld Figures S2 15/19
111Florence NightingaleFamous Women S2 4/7
112John D. RockefellerFamous Americans S2 9/16
113Sir Walter ScottFamous Writers 8/10
114Percy Bysshe ShelleyFamous Writers 4/10
115John Philip SousaFamous Americans S2 11/16
116Robert Louis StevensonFamous Writers 5/10
117Arturo ToscaniniFamous Americans S2 15/16
118Amerigo VespucciExplorers S2 6/6
119H. G. WellsFamous Writers 7/10
120Wendell WillkieFamous Americans S2 14/16
121Emile ZolaFamous Writers 1/10
122Capt. William KiddWorld Figures S2 17/19
123Sir Henry MorganWorld Figures S2 16/19
124Charles DarwinFamous Americans S2 7/16
125Charles DickensFamous Writers 2/10
126Leif EricsonExplorers S2 3/6
127GalileoWorld Figures S2 8/19
128Genghis KhanWorld Figures S2 14/19
129Johannes GutenbergWorld Figures S2 11/19
130Victor HerbertFamous Americans S2 3/16
131Henry HudsonExplorers S2 4/6
132Henry VIIIWorld Figures S2 3/19
133Joan of ArcFamous Women S2 2/7
134LafayetteWorld Figures S2 19/19
135Dolly MadisonFamous Women S2 3/7