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1951 Topps Baseball card checklist

1951 Topps Baseball Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1951

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Category Archive: Baseball Card Checklists


1951 Topps Baseball (Doubles Baseball Playing Cards) were the first foray into baseball cards for the company. The set was released in two series of 52 cards. The first series had red colored card backs and the second series had blue colored card backs.

What makes this set most unique is that it was intended as a card game. Each card front features a player as well as a baseball play — Yogi Berra, for example, was a foul ball. At first glance they may look like playing cards but there are no suits or numbers — if you were to play with these cards, it had to be the Doubles Baseball game.

Topps would eventually release a full 52 card pack for each series which were sold in panels of two that were perforated.

Two cards in the first series were given Update/Traded cards (#36 & #52) so there are actually 106 cards in total for this collection.

Topps purchased five complete sets of this collection and released them in numbered frames as an insert set for their 2019 Topps Tribute line of cards.

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1951 Topps Baseball Checklist

Red Back – 52 Cards

Blue Back – 52 Cards


3Ferris FainRed Back
15Eddie JoostBlue Back
28Elmer ValoRed Back
36Gus ZernialRed Back


2Sid GordonRed Back
9Johnny SainBlue Back
12Sam JethroeBlue Back
30Warren SpahnRed Back
32Bob ElliottBlue Back
34Earl TorgesonBlue Back
52Tommy HolmesRed Back


9Roy SieversRed Back
18Ned GarverBlue Back
19Dick KokosRed Back
24Sherm LollarBlue Back
33Don LenhardtBlue Back
36Cliff FanninBlue Back


6Red SchoendienstBlue Back
7Jerry StaleyBlue Back
7Howie PolletRCRed Back
14Red MungerBlue Back
21Billy JohnsonBlue Back
28Harry BrecheenBlue Back
30Enos SlaughterBlue Back
47Tommy GlavianoRed Back


14Wayne TerwilligerRed Back
17Roy SmalleyRCBlue Back
27Andy PafkoBlue Back
41Johnny SchmitzBlue Back
49Hank SauerBlue Back


11Gene HermanskiRed Back
16Preacher RoeRed Back
20Ralph BrancaBlue Back
31Gil HodgesRed Back
38Duke SniderRed Back
42Bruce EdwardsBlue Back
48Billy CoxBlue Back


21Larry JansenRed Back
32Hank ThompsonRed Back
37Wes WestrumRed Back
41Whitey LockmanRed Back
48Eddie StankyRed Back
50Monte IrvinRed Back


8Early WynnRed Back
12Jim HeganRed Back
13Dale MitchellRed Back
22Bob FellerRed Back
23Ray BooneRed Back
26Luke EasterRCRed Back
29Bob KennedyRed Back
31Lou BrissieBlue Back
35Al RosenRCRed Back
40Mike GarciaRed Back
52Sam ChapmanBlue Back


3Richie AshburnBlue Back
4Del EnnisBlue Back
8Dick SislerBlue Back
29Granny HamnerRCBlue Back
43Willie JonesBlue Back
45Andy SeminickRCRed Back
51Eddie WaitkusBlue Back


15Ralph KinerRed Back
16Murry DicksonBlue Back
17Dave BellRed Back
25Cliff ChambersRed Back
27Wally WestlakeRed Back
33Bill WerleRCRed Back

Red Sox

4Vern StephensRed Back
5Johnny PeskyBlue Back
10Mel ParnellRed Back
20Dom DiMaggioRed Back
37Bobby DoerrRCBlue Back
42Ray ScarboroughRed Back
43Maurice McDermottRed Back
46Billy GoodmanRed Back


34Grady HattonRed Back
39Ted KluszewskiRed Back
44Johnny WyrostekBlue Back
47Herm WehmeierRCBlue Back


1Eddie YostBlue Back
13Mickey VernonBlue Back
22Bob KuzavaBlue Back
25Sam MeleBlue Back
38Irv NorenBlue Back
44Sid HudsonRed Back


11Johnny GrothBlue Back
23Dizzy TroutRCBlue Back
40Vic WertzBlue Back
46Jerry PriddyBlue Back

White Sox

2Hank MajeskiBlue Back
19Phil MasiBlue Back
26Chico CarrasquelRCBlue Back
36Gus ZernialRed Back
45Bill PierceBlue Back
49Al ZarillaRed Back
51Eddie RobinsonRed Back


1Yogi BerraRed Back
5Phil RizzutoRed Back
6Allie ReynoldsRed Back
10Joe PageBlue Back
18Jerry ColemanRed Back
24Hank BauerRed Back
35Tommy ByrneBlue Back
39Ed LopatBlue Back
50Johnny MizeRCBlue Back


52Tommy HolmesRed Back