1951 Bowman Fight the Red Menace trading card checklist

1951 Bowman Fight the Red Menace Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1951

Manufacturer Archive: Bowman

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1951 Bowman Fight the Red Menace was a bit of Korean War propaganda in the style of more common WWII sets from several years prior.

The set included 48 cards depicting the Korean conflict, Cold War leaders, and nuclear threats in sometimes graphic detail — particularly graphic when you consider that the set is geared towards children as each card back contained the headline “Children’s Crusade Against Communism”.

The artwork is striking and highly graded cards can command a decent price tag.

1951 Bowman Fight the Red Menace Checklist

Base Set – 48 Cards

1Reds Invade South Korea
2MacArthur Heads UN Forces
3Slave Labor
4Mustangs Rout Red Planes
5Hill 303
6Landing at Inchon
7Trouble on the Docks
8Bridging a Stream Under Fire
9Police State
10Lieutenant Russell Brown
11Fleeing the Reds
12Heroes of Turkey
13Putting Out Atomic Fire
14Sabres Win Air Battle
15Red Battle Wagon
16Negro GIs Hold Line
17War in Malaya
18General Walton H. Walker
19Atomic Doom
20Big Mo In Action
21Mined Harbor
22Alaska Lookout
23Ghost City
24General “Ike” in Command
25Red Rule in Manchuria
26Finns Defend Country
27Red Guerrillas in Greece
28Berlin Airlift
29Red Riot in Bogota
30Helicopters in Action
31Case of Cardinal Mindzenty
32UN Counterattack
33Berlin Kidnaping
34Tiny Tim
35Visit by Red Police
36Commander in Korea
37Concentration Camp
38Lightning Joe Collins
39Soviet Rocket Fighter
40Frontier Patrol
41To the Mines
42Naval Chief
43Huk Raiders
44One-Man Stand
45Ambush in Indo-China
46Fighting Marine
48Doughboy’s General