1950 Topps Freedom's War trading card checklist

1950 Topps Freedom’s War Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1950

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Military

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1950 Topps Freedom’s War trading cards are a mix of photographs and original artwork detailing the Korean War which America had entered the same year as this set’s release.

Cards dedicated to Korea and Ships feature original artwork while cards dedicated to Tanks, US Army, Planes, Canada, Insignia, Medals, and Heroes feature photographs. The subsets are mostly grouped together but are still randomly placed in the the checklist. If that wasn’t enough, the cards for Tanks were also die-cut “standups” so many of these cards were damaged by design, certain waves have captions on the front while other waves don’t, and the card back colors vary between tan or gray depending on the wave of release.

The varied art makes this a bit of a strange set — almost two sets in one — but with a checklist of 203 cards, all the above mentioned variants, issues with image centering, and damage thanks to Topps releasing two-panel cards with perforations, the set can be a challenge to complete in top quality.

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1950 Topps Freedom’s War Checklist

Base Set – 203 Cards

ACC# – R709-2

Card #Card Title
1Surprise Attack
2Close Call
4Wounded Pilot
5Direct Hit
6Faced with Death
7Stand or Die
8Rocket Blast
9Flying Metal
10Fight for Time
11Loading Up
12Hunt for Snipers
13Dangerous Work
14Holding the Line
15Reinforcements on the Move
16First Blood
17Keep Moving!
18Bombs on Target
19Into the Breech
20Dry Landing
21Death of a Pal
22Point-Blank Fire
23Heading for Home
24Home-Made Bomb
25Bouncing Bullets
26Sights Ready!
27Sudden Attack
28They Won’t Stop!
29Air Attack
30Rushed by Reds
31Jump to Safety
32Under Guard
33Murderous Fire
34Target Blasted!
35Village Attack
36Strafing Fire
37Tanks Are Coming
38Strange Weapon
39The Enemy Falls
40Load Fast!
41Push to Pusan
42Lucky Landing
43Exploded Mine
44Sentry Line
45Tank Retreat
46Shelling of Taegu
47Unarmed Heroes
48On Guard
49A Disguise Fails
50White Phosphorous
51Rattling Death
52Bravery in the Field
53Concentrated Fire
54Strange Stomach
55Moving into Action
56Snipers’ Bullets
57General of the Army
58Fighting Armor
59F-80 Jet
60Tank Destroyer
61Rocket Launcher
62Torpedo Away!
63Closer to Action
66Night Attack
67Alone behind the Lines
68Fast Shooting
69Careful Aim
70Sniper Hunt
71Surprise Target
73Flamethrowing Tank
74First Jump
75Gas Attack
76Getting the Range
77Consolidated B-46
78Tank Destroyer
79Riding on a Tank
80Smoke Signals
82Burning a Tank
83Searchlight Checkup
84Rin-Tin-Tin III
85Consolidated B-36
86F-80 Shooting Star
87Sabre and “Tornado”
88B-35 “Flying Wing”
89P-47 “Thunderbolt”
90B-47 “Stratojet”
91B-17 “Flying Fortress”
92B-29 “Superfortress”
93A-26 “Invader”
94C-74 “Globemaster”
95P-38 Lightning
96B-24 “Liberator”
97M-7 Howitzer Motor Carriage
98M10A1 Gun Motor Carriage
99M-8 Howitzer Motor Carriage
100Medium Tank M-26
101M-18 Gun Motor Carriage
102M-12 Gun Motor Carriage
Card #Card Title
103M-5 Light Tank
104Airborne Infantry
105Under Fire
106Wiping Out Snipers
107Flamethrowers in Action
108Under the Wire
109Folding a Chute
110Loading the Cannon
111Team Work
112Anti-Aircraft Gun
113At Your Posts
114Molotoff Cocktail
115Fighting Man
116Parachute Going Up!
117Tanks in Action
118P-61 “Black Widow”
119Bell X-1
120C-47 “Skytrain”
121Bell XR-13
122Snow Fighter
123XF 92A “Interceptor”
124Martin B-51
125B-45 “Tornado”
126Army Cadets
127V-E Day Parade
128Still Flying
129Practice Alarm
130Here They Come
131Machine Gun Nest
132Blasted Bridge
133Get That Machinegun
134Dangerous Spot
135News for Headquarters
136Change of Costume
137Brave Medics
138Wounded Pal
139Rocket Blast
140Retreat in the Rain
141Moving Tanks
142Rescue by Helicopter
143Action on the Corner
145Submarine Duty
146Battleship Support
147Running Fire
148Dangerous Landing
149The Corvette
150Missing in Action
152Night Bombardment
153Hand to Hand Struggle
154Return Fire
156Ready to Fire
157Time to Jump
158Starry Night
159Jumping a Sentry
160Suicide Attack
161On the Run
162Digging for Safety
163Dangerous Job
164Stopping a Disturbance
165Sudden Surrender
166Red Sniper
167House to House Fighting
168Ready for Action
169Flaming Enemy
171Aircraft Carrier
173Hospital Ship
17810th Division
17966th Division
18076th Division
18198th Division
18299th Division
183General George S. Patton Jr.
184104th Division
1855th Air Force
18614th Air Force
1872nd Infantry Division
1888th Infantry Division
18910th Armored Division
190U.S. Strategical and Tactical Air Force
191Soldier’s Medal
192Purple Heart
193Good Conduct Medal
194Air Medal
195Legion of Merit
196Distinguished Flying Cross
197Victory Medal
198Gen. Mark W. Clark
199Gen. James H. Doolittle
200Gen. George C. Marshall
201General Dwight D. Eisenhower
202Gen. Omar N. Bradley
203Arctic Soldier