1949 Topps X-Ray Roundup trading card checklist

1949 Topps X-Ray Roundup Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1949

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Historical

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists

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1949 Topps X-Ray Roundup were among the first cards released by Topps and were sold in packs of Pixie bubble gum.

The front of each card features a portrait of famous people typically falling into the “Wild West” or “Pirates” category that was popular in cards at the time. The reverse of each card had an image in red ink superimposed on an image in blue ink. When the card was covered with the included red “x-ray” slip, the top image would disappear to reveal the blue image/caption hidden beneath it.

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1949 Topps X-Ray Roundup Checklist

Base Set – 200 Cards

ACC# – R714-25

2Sitting Bull
4Chief Gall
5Portuguese Barthelemy
6Red Shirt
7Black Hawk
8Captain Kidd
9Pierre Picard
10Sir Henry Morgan
11Captain Bradley
13Captain Edward Low
14Iron Bull
16Anne Bonney
17Always Riding
18Big Elk
19Spotted Tail
20Big Snake
21Chief Joseph
22Captain Bart Roberts
23King of the Crows
24Deer Ham
25Black Hawk
26Clam Fish
27White Swan
29Big Bear
30Big Chief
31Bartholomew Sharp
32Bull Head
33Red Thunder
34Captain Francis Spriggs
35Sam Bellamy
36Hairy Bear
37Captain Charles Vane
38Agate Arrow Point
39Mary Read
40George A. Custer
41Calamity Jane
42Ned England
43Col. William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill)
44Captain Jack Rackam
45Yellowstone Kelly
46Kit Carson
48California Joe
49Billy the Kid
50Moses Vauclin
51Captain Martel
52Jesse James
53Andy Clyde
54Raymond Hatton
55John Gow
56Gilbert Roland
57James Gleason
58Peter the Great
59Cathy Downs
60Howel Davis
61Robert Preston
62Sieur De Montauban
63Barton MacLane
64Thomas Anstis
65Johnny Mack Brown
66Jimmy Wakely
67Barry Sullivan
69Cannibal Chief
70Cannonball Taylor
71Guy Madison
72A Bowman
73Scott Brady
74A “Fuzzie-Wuzzie”
75Max Terhune
76Whip Wilson
77Johnny Mack Brown
78Rod Cameron
79A Bassari Tribesman
80Chief Black Kettle
82Sudanese Warrior
83Man and Chief
85A Bell Ringer
87White Bear
88Red Bird
89Noon Day
90Great Bear
91Many Horns
92Sitting Bull
93Little Wolf
94Crow’s Breast
95A Guardsman
96True Eagle
97A Senegal Tribesman
98Big Razor
99Two Moons
100A Congo Bushman
101Chief Little Crow
102A Karamojo Tribesman
103Trailing the Enemy
104Old Bull
105Lean Wolf
106Little Chief
107A Kikuyu Tribesman
108Red Cloud
109Lone Wolf
110Black Eye
111A Lion Hunter
112Rushing Bear
113A Lumbwa Warrior
114Daniel Boone
115A Kavirondo Chieftan
116A Chief of the Azande Tribe
117Captain Meriwether Lewis
118A Spearman
119Old Warrior
120Annie Oakley
121A Boatman
122A Guardsman
123Wild Bill Hickok
124A Pygmy Chief
125Bat Masterson
126Lee Neuman
127Pat Garrett
128Fighting Man
129Congo Warrior
130Congo Fighter
131Bob Dalton
132Frank Dalton
133John King Fisher
134Elephant Hunter
135John Selman
137J. H. (Doc) Holliday
138Tom Smith
139John Phillips
140Ben Cravens
141Rose of the Cimarron
142Sebe Barnes
143Sam Bass
144Cattle Annie
145Little Britches
146Mickey Free
147Stede Bonnet
148Bill Dalton
149Captain Halsey
150Captain Worley
151Grat Dalton
152Jack Avery
153William Fly
154Arkansas Tom Jones
155Roc, the Brazilian
156Sieur De Grammont
157Michael Le Basque
158Captain Jack Crawford
159Captain Condent
160William J. Fetterman
161John Davis
162George Lowther
163Captain Lewis
164Pierre Francois
165Alexander Bras-de-Fer
166Lewis Scot
168Captain Tew
169Captain Sawkins
170Lawrence DeGraff
171John Ireland
172Mae West
173Fuzzy St. John
174Ginny Jackson
175Henry Hull
176Sudanese Rain Dancer
177Bago Yangi
178Zulu Bodyguard
179King of the Bakubas
180Mongo Trailer
181Wanderobo Plainsman
182Lala Jungle King
183Watosi Warrior
184Native Nagaoundere
185Court Guard of Dahome Yan
186Nubian Fighter
187Kalahai Desert Man
188Timbuctoo Musician
189South Highland Warrior
190New Guinea Headsman
191Native of Timbuctu
192Rhodesian Axeman
193Native of Nigeria
194Kaffir Spearman
195Bakwese Fighter
196Richard Basehart
197Reed Hadley
198Fuzzy Knight
199Douglas Dumbrille
200Mary Beth Hughes