1949 Bowman America Salutes the FBI trading card checklist

1949 Bowman America Salutes the FBI Checklist

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In 1949, Bowman released a series of trading cards inspired by stories from G-Men Detective magazine. The set, “America Salutes the FBI – Heroes of Law” contained 36 cards with original artwork on the front and a brief synopsis of the crime on the reverse.

G-Men Detective Magazine published 112 issues between 1935 and 1953 under two different titles, the other simply being G-Men.

There are two known wrappers for this collection. The nickel wrapper is among the most rare of the era with some collectors speculating that it was a test printing and never issued to the public. The more well-known wrapper is the penny wrapper which was issued later in 1949 with some debate between whether or not the penny pack was a replacement to the nickel or simply the only issued pack.

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1949 Bowman America Salutes the FBI Checklist

Base Set – 36 Cards

1The Capture Game in the Lobby of a Hotel
2A Compartment on a Speeding Train
3Disguised as a Returning Osage Indian
4Jap Spies Made a Mistake
5$2,000,000 of Stolen Securities
6Trapping the Conference Men
7Scant Feet from a Hamburger Stand
8In a Home Made Elevator
9The Matchbox Clue
10Twice Stopped for Speeding
11FBI Sharpshooters in Chicago
12A Son of the Rising Sun
13Hook, Line and Sinker
14Catching a Big Fish
15Rendezvous at Mitchell Field
16Madame Kasenkina Wins Her Fight
17Tell-Tale Gun Markings
18His Disguised Handwriting Actually Betrayed Swimming Pool Manager…
19The Paroled Convict Problem
20Oscar Bites the Dust
21The Killer Telephoned
22Mary Stole a Car
23FBI Portable Telephone
24A Trail of Hot Money
25The Man was a Nazi Spy
26The Four Gasoline Cans
27Doctor, Lawyer, Killer
28A Real Crime Search
29Behind the Disguise
30With Little More Than “7N” of a New York License Number Noted
31Vitale Had One Foot on the Gangplank
32He Noticed the Tiny Thread on the Tire
33Checking Marine Security
34The Suicide was Faked
35Strapped to his Chest was a Camera…
36Exposing the Soviet Plot