1948 Leaf Pirates trading card checklist

1948 Leaf Pirates Checklist

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At first glance it’d be easy to think that the 1948 Leaf Pirates trading card set was a massive collection but in reality, despite its numbering going up to 168, there are only 49 cards in this unique set. The set can be a bit difficult to track down on eBay due to the necessity of filtering out Pittsburgh Pirates cards from your search coupled with the fact that there are 119 numbers missing from the card sequences.

The front of each card features famous pirates from history in portrait or action scenes and the back of each card includes a bio of the card’s subject. The striking coloring style and simple border add a high level of printing issues throughout the set so pristine versions of these cards can be very tough to come by.

1948 Leaf Pirates Checklist

Base Set – 49 Cards

Base Set

1Captain Edwards
2Capt. Robert Deal
5Hirain Breaker
7Slave Trading
8Dead Men Tell No Tales
9Capt. Robert Kidd
11Black Taylor
13Ali Basha
16Sieur De Grammont
21Captain Condent
23Sacking Of Panama
24Edward Low
28Barbarossa “Red Beard”
30Capt. Jackman
31Bartholomew Roberts
35Charles Gibbs
38Walking The Plank
41Pierre Le Grand
42Anne Bonney
45Captain Charles Bellamy
46Captain Johnson
49Thomas Anstis
50William Lewis
51Joto And Cisco
58Edward Teach
62Stede Bonnet
65Captain Bannister
73Captain Crackers
78Peter M’kinlie
79Captain Dansker
80Henry Morgan
88Edward Davis
92Edward England
96Captain Greaves
99George Cumberland
100Capt. John Criss
101Capt. John Derdrake
112Basil Ringrose
116Jean Lafitte
124Capt. John Augur
125Diego Grillo
133William Dampier
136Dr. Thomas Dover
158Joseph Bradley
164John Avery
165Francis Lolonois
168Buccaneer Angria