1948 Bowman Movie Stars trading card checklist

1948 Bowman Movie Stars Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1948

Manufacturer Archive: Bowman

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1948 Bowman Movie Stars trading cards featured 36 of the biggest names in film at the time.

The front of each card featured a black and white photograph with a simple border, much like the 1948 Bowman Baseball card design, and the back featured the actor’s stats, a short bio, and an offer ranging from a photo brooch to a lucky wishbone pin (for just a few coins and a handful of gum wrappers).

The set is fairly common and easy to obtain cheap with decent quality ungraded cards regularly selling for under $10 each.

1948 Bowman Movie Stars Checklist

Base Set – 36 Cards

ACC # – R701-9

Base Set

1Diana Lynn
2Adele Mara
3Paul Lees
4Adrian Booth
5Margaret Field
6Monte Hale
7Mary Hatcher
8Jean Ruth
9Sterling Hayden
10Laura Elliott
11Carolyn Butler
12William Demarest
13Colleen Townsend
14Roberta Jonay
15Cesar Romero
16Carole Mathews
17Yvonne De Carlo
18Dan Dailey
19Helena Carter
20Marta Toren
21Donald O’Connor
22Mona Freeman
23Barbara Lawrence
24Dan Duryea
25Gail Russell
26Shelley Winters
27Sonny Tufts
28Eve Arden
29Jane Greer
30Robert Preston
31Bonita Granville
32Frances Gifford
33Nancy Guild
34Lloyd Nolan
35Sonja Henie
36Ann Blyth