1948 Bowman basketball card checklist

1948 Bowman Basketball Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1948

Manufacturer Archive: Bowman

Category Archive: Basketball Card Checklists


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When 1948 Bowman Basketball cards were released, no other major company had produced a series of player cards before. In fact, Bowman wouldn’t do it again and the market for basketball cards was left wide open until the release of 1957 Topps Basketball.

Each card in this set measures 2 1/8″ by 2 1/2″ making them nearly square and over an inch shorter than modern day cards. Scattered throughout the checklist are also play cards that explain a particular basketball play with a diagram on the front and an explanation on the reverse.

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1948 Bowman Basketball Checklist

Base Set – 72 Cards

ACC# – R405

Basketball Play
5Single Cut Off Post
11Single Cut Off Post
17Single Cut Using Post
23Double Cut Off Post
29Double Post
35Screen Play
41Double Screen
47Out of Bounds
53Out of Bounds
59Out of Bounds
65Held Ball
71Guards Play
7John Logan
18Red Rocha
28Don Putman
45Bob Doll
60Ariel Maughan
38Buddy JeannetteRC
52Connie SimmonsRC
63John Mahnken
67Lee Mogus
70Walter Budko
6Bob FeerickRC
16Sid Hertzberg
27John Norlander
46Bones McKinneyRC
61Dick O’Keefe
8Mel Riebe
19Eddie Ehlers
30Jack Garfinkel
43Chuck HalbertRC
57Arthur Spector
4Fred LewisRC
15Bruce HaleRC
26Price Brookfield
36Hal Tidrick
50Charlie Black
39Ray Kuka
54Bud PalmerRC
64Tommy Byrnes
68Lee Knorek
72Carl BraunRC
37Don Carlson
51Jack Dwan
62Herman Schaefer
66Jim PollardRC
69George MikanRC
2Ralph Hamilton
13Paul Armstrong
24Leo Crystal Klier
33Jack Smiley
49Bob Kinney
10Bob DaviesRC
21Fuzzy LevaneRC
32Red HolzmanRC
44Arnie Johnson
58Arnie RisenRC
9Andy PhillipRC
20Gene Vance
31Chuck Gilmur
40Stan Miasek
55Max ZaslofskyRC
1Ernie CalverleyRC
12Kenny SailorsRC
22Earl Shannon
42George Nostrand
56Lee Roy Robbins
3Gale Bishop
14Howard DallmarRC
25George Senesky
34Joe FulksRC
48Ed Sadowski