1937 Johnson Dick Tracy trading card checklist

1937 Johnson Dick Tracy Checklist

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Manufacturer Archive: Johnson Candy

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1937 Johnson Dick Tracy trading cards were issued with “Dick Tracy Caramels” at the height of the characters popularity. Dick Tracy had been released as a newspaper comic since 1931 but in 1936 expanded to comic books and in 1937 — the year of this set’s release — had his own comic book title. 1937 also marked the release of the first Dick Tracy film serials starring Ralph Byrd as the title character.

The set displays a comic drawing and caption on the front and an action packed story on the reverse.

The checklist contains 144 cards but can be a bit confusing despite all the cards bein sequentially numbered to 144. The first series of cards are labeled as “a series of 96” but within that series is a discrepancy in design where the caption on the card front and the title on the card back are either different (1-48) or the same (49-96). Cards #97-120 are labeled as a “series of 120) with matching card captions/card titles. The final series, cards #121-144, are labeled as “a series of 144”. This may indicate that the set was released over four series of varying distributions.

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1937 Johnson Dick Tracy Checklist

Base Set – 144 Cards

ACC# – R41

1Tracy Spots Ribs Mocco
2Big Boy Awaits Tracy
3Texie Takes Command
4Big Boy Packs Up
5Tracy Overhears a Conversation
6Texie on the Spot
7Tracy Questions the Gardener
8Pat Shadows a Suspect
9Tracy Aboard the Alonia
10Big Boy Eliminates Becky
11Big Boy Caught in the Act
12Tracy Hands Out a Beating
13Mucelli and His Gang
14Junior Stumbles on a Clue
15Junior Refuses To Talk
16Junior Is Chloroformed
17Preparing for Torture
18Tracy Covers Mucelli
19Gangland Bullets Get Tracy
20Suspected of Shooting Tracy
21Junior Goes to Jail
22Dick Tracy comes Back
23To Prove Junior’s Innocence
24Tracy Suddenly Vanishes
25Mucelli Is fooled
26Junior Still in Jail
27Junior Dashed to Safety
28Junior Goes Hungry
29A Surprise Awakening
30Two Men and a Woman
31Junior Held His Breath
32The Doors Were Locked
33Junior Runs into Tracy
34The Gang Gets Nervous
35Tracy Takes a Fall
36Through a Secret Tunnel
37He Raised His Gun to Fire
38Buggs Gets Instructions
39Tracy Turns Cab Driver
40Buggs Hailed the Cab
41A Sudden Departure
42Still Hanging On
43A Welcome Surprise
44Buggs Had Them Covered
45The Reflection in the Mirror
46The Trapdoor in the Floor
47The Lie Detectograph
48The Hero of the Hour
49Steve and Old Hank Steele
50Hank Steele’s Story
51Steve Starts Travelling
52Tracy Leaves Town
53Steve Gets Good News
54Junior Disappears
55A Cold Trap
56Stowaways Caught
57A Cold Brakeman
58Dick Tracy’s Surprise
59An Important Post Card
60Watching the Mail
61Under the Wheels
62Steve Commits Assault
63The Intercepted Message
64Tracy in the Air
65The Dead Mailman
66Tracy on the Trail
67A Queer Hiding Place
68Off the Scent
69Steve Meets a Friend
70The Stolen Hand Car
71The Section Hands’ Story
72Trapped on the Trestle
73The High Dive
74A Miraculous Escape
75Tracy Takes a Fall
76Tracy Is Rescued
77Tracy Lies in Wait
78A Highway Hold-up
79A Gun Battle
80The Flaming Wreck
81Still on the Trail
82A Key To the Mystery
83Steve Reveals His Plans
84Tracy Demands Speed
85Good News for Hank Steele
86Junior and Steve Arrive
87An Amazing Discovery
88Bad News for Steve
89Della Gets Instructions
90A Bold Front
91Quick on the Draw
92The Mysterious Shot
93Della an Innocent Victim
94A Murderous Death Weapon
95Face To Face with Steve
96Over the Cliff
97In the Killer’s Cell
98Steve Hires a Crafty Lawyer
99Tracy Prepares for Trial
100The State Versus Steve
101The Plea for the Defense
102Sentenced for Life
103At the Penitentiary
104Convict No. 2017
105Take That, Snarled Steve
106Birds of a Feather
107Steve in a Rage
108Stooge Viller’s Trickery
109A Letter from Tracy
110Junior Dreams of Dick Tracy
111Steve Lays His Plans
112Steve’s Treachery
113Two Criminal Minds
114Stooge Reveals His Plot
115Criminals Under Cover
116A Dark, Desperate Deed
117A Bolt for Freedom
118The Explosion
119Convicts at Large
120Dick Tracy Again on the Trail
121Hunted by the Law
122The Convicts Hit the Hay
123Chased into the Open
124Steve and Stooge at Bay
125Stooge Viller Takes a Chance
126Stooge Offers Farm Relief
127Preparing for a Long Trip
128The Convicts Plot Revenge
129Junior Thinks of Tracy
130A Mysterious Visitor
131Safe from the Avengers
132Stooge and Steve Disappointed
133The Intruders Are Discovered
134Hank Steele’s Caretaker Surprised
135Steve and Stooge Resort to Torture
136A Woman Takes a Hand
137The Tables Are Turned
138Steve Makes a Desperate Move
139Steve Uses a Weighty Argument
140Stooge Discloses His Plan
141Dick Tracy Makes a Suggestion
142Steve Gets Ladylike
143On the High Seas
144Junior Foresees Grave Danger