1936 Gum Inc Pirates trading card checklist

1936 Gum Inc Pirates Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1936

Manufacturer Archive: Gum Inc

Tag Archive: Pirates

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1936 Gum Inc Pirates trading cards (also known as Pirate’s Picture Bubble Gum) were 72 original art pieces depicting swashbuckling pirates in a variety of action scenarios. The reverse of each card provided a back story to the image from the front of the card.

Cards #9, 34, and 59 of the set are short prints and often missing from bulk lot auctions for this set. The relative scarcity of this set can make it a difficult one to piece together but the artwork is enticing for collectors of vintage non-sports cards.

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1936 Gum Inc Pirates Checklist

Base Set – 72 Cards

#Card Title
1Fighting Aloft
2Walking The Plank
3Slave Traders
4Who Shall Be Captain
5Boarding Ship
7Pierre Le Grand
9I Command Surrender!’
10Pirate Torture
11Burning The Prize
12Hiding Treasure
13Blackbeard’s End
14Captain Brand’s Death
15Pirates Gambling
16A Boarding Party
17A Pirate Captured
18Burning A Town
19The Tricky Morgan
20The Pirates Strike
21Set Adrift
22The Warning Shot
23The Jolly Roger
24Tripoli Pirates
25Dividing Treasure
26Killing A Traitor
27The “Arch Pirate”
28Four Against One
29Dead Men Tell No Tales
30Double Doubloons’
31Man The Guns’
32I’ve Got You At Last
33Ghost Of Captain Watson
34Left To Their Fate
35Waiting To Attack
36Englishmen As Slaves
37Daring Takes A Man Of War
38Flogging A Captive
39Man Who Trained Morgan
40Dividing Gold And Silver
41Burying The Iron Chest
42Landing To Bury Treasure
43A Captain Well Named
44Sunken Ships Have No Trail
45Two-Gun Mulrooney Wins
46To Death Blindfolded
47Cheng, China’s Famous Pirate
48The Daring Act Of The Age
49Ready To Sack Maracaibo
50Your Money Or Your Life
51A Flag Of Terror
52Abandoned And Afire
53Board Her – No Quarter!
54Join – See The World!
55America’s Famous Pirate
56A Surprise Attack
57Counting The Treasure
58China’s Foremost Pirate
59Fight At Pirates Cove
60Fight! – Or Surrender
61Faithfulness Rewarded
62Paying The Ransom
63The Captives
64Fill Em Up’
65El-Sid-Murad In Action
67Ending The Card Game
68In The Crow’s Nest
69On Way To The Gallows
70Silenced Forever!
71Sighting A Foe
72Prepare For Action’