1935 Fleer Cops and Robbers trading card checklist

1935 Fleer Cops and Robbers Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1935

Manufacturer Archive: Fleer

Tag Archive: Historical

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists

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The 1935 Fleer Cops and Robbers trading card set featured 30 criminals and five police officers of the era. Each card contained an “evidence tag” which confirmed purchase of a specific card and when 35 were sent in to Fleer, the collector would “receive a commission as an amateur detective with our official detective badge”.

The problem with this set is that an in-tact card is nearly impossible to find as the evidence tags were removed at the perforation. Even without the evidence tag, these cards often carry a pretty steep price tag if the remaining card is in good condition.

The other issue for collectors to be aware of is that these cards were issued with a color tint over the black and white images and each card is duplicated in every tint color. There are also discrepancies with the color of card stock meaning, with variations, this 35 card set ends up with well over 300 different cards.

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1935 Fleer Cops and Robbers Checklist

Base Set – 35 Cards

ACC# – R36

1Ranger Colt
2Rough House Hogan
3Pinto Pete
4Slow Motion Smith
5Bunco Bertie
6Shifty Sam
7Benny Gray
8Chief Inspector Kennedy
9Bruiser Bill
10Terry The Terror
11Rudolph Razzberry
12Dapper Dan Dugan
13Cuthbert Dimwit
14Bertie Bohunk
15Constable Corntassel
16Hijack Herbie
17Stove Pipe Steve
18Rube Riley
20Hihat Hector
21Schemer Snitch
22Marshal Dangerfield
23Dixie Dan
24Gaston The Gorilla
25Dead Eye Dick
26Nosey Nertz
27Nick The Necker
28Big Shot Connolley
29Inspector Smart
30Black Hand Tony
31Admiral Bilgewater
32Mustapha Bath
33Hong Kong Wow
34Wolf Masterson
35Ivan Awfulbush