1927 Player's Gilbert and Sullivan trading card checklist

1927 Player’s Gilbert and Sullivan Checklist

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1927 Player’s Gilbert and Sullivan trading cards are the second series of Gilbert and Sullivan cards distributed in John Player & Sons tobacco products. Series 1 was released in 1925 and was also a 50 card set.

Just like the 1925 series, these cards feature characters in costumes used by the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company which produced Gilbert and Sullivan operas in England for over 100 years.

The two sets have some crossover, for example both sets begin with a card of Casilda from The Gondoliers, but characters are featured in different costumes when they appear in both sets. Thanks to a few shows being added to this list which were omitted from Series 1, the only G&S major works which are not featured on cards are Thespis, The Martyr of Antioch, Utopia Limited, and The Grade Duke.

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1927 Player’s Gilbert and Sullivan Checklist

Base Set – 50 Cards

1CasildaThe Gondoliers
2The Duchess of Plaza-ToroThe Gondoliers
3The Duke of Plaza-ToroThe Gondoliers
4GianettaThe Gondoliers
5InezThe Gondoliers
6LuizThe Gondoliers
7Marco and Giuseppe PalmieriThe Gondoliers
8AracPrincess Ida
9FlorianPrincess Ida
10King HildebrandPrincess Ida
11Princess IdaPrincess Ida
12MelissaPrincess Ida
15Lord MountaratIolanthe
16Earl TollollerIolanthe
17KatishaThe Mikado
18Ko-KoThe Mikado
19The Mikado of JapanThe Mikado
20Nanki-PooThe Mikado
21Pooh-BahThe Mikado
22Yun-YumThe Mikado
23The Duke of DunstablePatience
24Dick DeadeyeH.M.S. Pinafore
25HebeH.M.S. Pinafore
26JosephineH.M.S. Pinafore
27FredericThe Pirates of Penzance
28MabelThe Pirates of Penzance
29Major-General StanleyThe Pirates of Penzance
30Old Adam GoodheartRuddigore
31Sir Despard MurgatroydRuddigore
32Mad MargaretRuddigore
33Robin OakappleRuddigore
34Rose MaybudRuddigore
36Alexis PointdexterThe Sorcerer
37AlineThe Sorcerer
38ConstanceThe Sorcerer
39Dr. DalyThe Sorcerer
40Mrs. PartletThe Sorcerer
41Sir Marmaduke PointdextreThe Sorcerer
42Lady SangazureThe Sorcerer
43The DefendantTrial by Jury
44The JudgeTrial by Jury
45The PlaintiffTrial by Jury
46The UsherTrial by Jury
47The HeadsmanThe Yeomen of the Guard
48Jack PointThe Yeomen of the Guard
49LeonardThe Yeomen of the Guard
50Sir Richard CholmondeleyThe Yeomen of the Guard
1925 Player's Gilbert and Sullivan trading card checklist
1925 Player’s Gilbert and Sullivan