1916 Wills Mining trading card checklist

1916 Wills Mining Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1916

Manufacturer Archive: Wills' Cigarettes

Tag Archive: Historical

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists


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1916 Wills Mining trading cards — distributed in the brand’s cigarette products — highlight the methods and locations of mining operations around the world.

The front of each card features vibrant artwork of various mining operations such as gold, diamond, or turquoise and the reverse offers an explanation of the technique or machinery on display. In many instances the back of the card will also reveal the location of the particular mine from the front of the card.

Wills Tobacco was a British company but their cards are readily available on US collectibles marketplaces.

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1916 Wills Mining Checklist

Base Set – 50 Cards

#Card Subject
1Asbestos Quarry
2China Clay
3Mine Surveying
4Electric Coal-cutter
5Miner Drilling for Blasting
6Miner “Holing”
7Electric Train
8Taking Coal to Pit Mouth
9The Bottom of the Shaft
10Sorting and Cleaning Coal
11Calcination of Copper Ore
12Open-cast Mine
13Diamond Mine
14Diamond Mine
15Diamond Mine
16Washing and Concentrating Plant
17Searching Tables
18Gold Mine
19Descending a Gold Mine
20Compressed Air Drill
21Stamp Battery
22Cyanide Vats
23Panning at Klondyke
24Dredging for Gold
25Open-Cast Iron Mine
26Iron-Ore Mine
27Steam Shovel at Work
28Unloading Iron Ore
29Cutting Marble
30Channeling Machine at Work
31Lowering Blocks of Marble
32Mica Mine
33Oil Field
34Oil Field in the Sea
35Oil Field on Fire
36Raising Alluvial Gravel
37Washing Alluvial Gravel
38Plumbago Mine
39Mining Pichblende
40Mining Rubies
41Ruby Sorters
42Mining Rock Salt
43Rock Salt Mine
44Salt Mine
45Digging and Washing Sapphires
46Silver Mine
47Silver Mine
48Tin Mine
49Open-Cast Tin Mine
50Turquoise Mine