1916 Wills Military Motors trading card checklist

1916 Wills Military Motors Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1916

Manufacturer Archive: Wills' Cigarettes

Tag Archive: Military, Transportation

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists

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1916 Wills Military Motors trading cards highlighted the finest machines in the British army during World War I. This set of 50 trading cards was distributed in packs of Wills cigarettes and each card comes in two different versions. One version includes the text, “Passed for publication by the Press Bureau 21-9-16” on the bottom border of the card and the other version was released without that text.

Each card front featured a full-color illustration and the back of the card gave a detailed description of the vehicle presented on the front. Collectors should beware that a reprint of this set was released in 1994 but the reprint set only has the “Passed for publication…” variant.

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1916 Wills Military Motors Checklist

Base Set – 50 Cards

1Anti-aircraft Gun Motor
2Armoured Car with Grapnel
3Armoured Tricycle
4Caterpillar Tractor
5Motor Baths
6Motor Buses
7Motor Cycle
8Motor Cycle Maxim
9Motor Fortress
10Motor Horse Ambulance
11Motor Laboratory
12Motor Raft
13Motor Restaurant
14Motor Searchlight
15Motor Soup Kitchen
16Officer’s Side Car
17Wireless Motor
18Motor Lorry
19Motor Searchlight
20Motor Ambulance
21Motor Repairing-Shop
22Motor Machine Gun Battery
23Motor Ambulances
24Motor Transports
25Motor Ambulance
26Armoured Car
27Motor Kichen
28Motor Mitrailleuse
29Flying Corps Motor
30Motor Ambulance
31Motor Ambulance, Disguised
32Motor Auto-Gun
33Motor Balloon Lorry
34Motor Bus
35Motor Cycle Ambulance
36Motor Operating Theatre
37Motor Pigeon-Cote
38Motor Railway Engine
39Motor Searchlight
40Motor Tractor
41Motor Wire Cutter
42King Victor’s Car
43Motor Transports
44Wireless Motor
45Armoured Cars
46Motor Postal Car
47Motor Repairing Shop
48X-Ray Ambulance
49Armoured Cars
50Motor Ambulance