1916 Wills Merrie England trading card checklist

1916 Wills Merrie England Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1916

Manufacturer Archive: Wills' Cigarettes

Tag Archive: Historical

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists

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1916 Wills Merrie England trading cards showcase the wardrobes and occupations of Old England. Unlike most Wills sets, these cards aren’t numbered individually but the card backs do confirm that there are 40 cards in the set.

The artwork on each card is just a character in full costume and a caption that lists his occupation. The drawings were done by John Hassall and colored for this set.

As far as Wills sets go, this one seems to be a bit obscure and tracking down a high quality set may be difficult.

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1916 Wills Merrie England Checklist

Base Set – 40 Cards

Ye Angler
Ye Armourer
Ye Ballad Singer
Ye Blacksmith
Ye Carter
Ye Cellarman
Ye Cleric
Ye Clerk-at-Law
Ye Colporteur
Ye Falconer
Ye Friar
Ye Gaoler
Ye Haberdasher
Ye Headsman
Ye Highwayman
Ye Innkeeper
Ye Jester
Ye Landlord
Ye Leech
Ye Lord of Ye Manor
Ye Medicant Pilgrim
Ye Night Watchman
Ye Page
Ye Parish Clerke
Ye Pedlar
Ye Piper
Ye Pirate
Ye School Master
Ye Sea Captain
Ye Spicer
Ye Squire’s Son
Ye Steward
Ye Tailor
Ye Tinker
Ye Town Crier
Ye Traveller
Ye Troubadour
Ye Turnkey
Ye Venderer
Ye Weaver