1916 Player's Napoleon trading card checklist

1916 Player’s Napoleon Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1916

Manufacturer Archive: Player's

Tag Archive: Historical

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists

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1916 Player’s Napoleon trading cards were another in a long line of releases by the British cigarette company that featured beautiful artwork and a simple design now synonymous with the tobacco card era.

The checklist for this retelling of Napoleon’s life is a simple 25 cards and the card backs offer a great deal of historical information for those who turn the cards over. While it is not uncommon to find these cards for sale in varying degrees of quality, collectors should beware that there was a reprint of this set in 1989.

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1916 Player’s Napoleon Checklist

Base Set – 25 Cards

1The Emperor Napoleon I
2Napoleon’s Birthplace
3Buonaparte at Brienne, 1779
4Buonaparte Under Arrest, 1794
5Bonaparte at Lodi, 1796
6Bonaparte at Arcola, 1796
7Bonaparte and the Sentry, 1796
8Bonaparte at Rivoli, 1797
9Bonaparte in Egypt, 1798
10Bonaparte Lends his Horse, 1799
11Bonaparte Crossing the Alps, 1800
12Coronation of Napoleon, 1804
13Napoleon at Boulogne, 1805
14The Surrender of Vienna, 1805
15The Eve of Austerlitz, 1805
16Napoleon’s Interview with Francis I., 1805
17The Eve of Jena, 1806
18The Battle of Friedland, 1807
19Napoleon’s Marriage with Marie Louise, 1810
20Napoleon Before Moscow, 1812
21After Moscow, 1812
22Ney’s Rearguard Action, 1812
23The Crossing of the Beresina, 1812
24Napoleon Leaves for Paris, 1812
25Napoleon’s Abdication, 1814