1898 Wills Builders of the Empire trading card checklist

1898 Wills Builders of the Empire Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1898

Manufacturer Archive: Wills' Cigarettes

Tag Archive: Historical

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Billed as “A series of 50 Authentic Portraits”, 1898 Wills Builders of the Empire showcased the explorers and leaders who built the British Empire.

Each card front features an illustrated portrait of an important historical figure and the back gives a brief description of the subject’s accomplishments. This set is among the earliest of Wills’s trading cards which were distributed inside packs of cigarettes for decades.

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1898 Wills Builders of the Empire Checklist

Base Set – 50 Cards

1Admiral Blake
2Lord Nelson
3Sir Francis Drake
4Lord Hawke
5Sir Sidney Smith
6Lord Howard of Effingham
7Marquis of Cornwallis
8Duke of Marlborough
9Lord Rodney
10Lord Clive
11Lord Howe
12William Pitt
13Warren Hastings
14Earl St. Vincent
15Eyre Coote
16Lord Heathfield
17Duke of Wellington
18Sir George Rooke
19Viscount Gough
20Sir Ralph Abercrombie
21Lord Bridport
22Captain James Cook
23Sir James Clark Ross
24Marquess Wellesley
25David Livingstone
26Sir Charles Saunders
27Viscount Duncan
28James Wolfe
29Lord Lawrence
30John Hanning Speke
31Sir John Hawkins
32Earl of Beaconsfield
33Sebastian Cabot
34Sir Walter Raleigh
35Lord Anson
36Mungo Park
37Sir John Franklin
38Sir Martin Frobisher
39Lord Amherst
40Edward Boscawen
41Sir James Outram
42John McDouall Stuart
43Sir Stamford Raffles
44Matthew Flinders
45Sir Thomas Maitland
46John Nicholson
47General Charles George Gordon
48William Dampier
49Rajah Brooke
50Sir Henry Havelock