1898 Wills Actresses trading card checklist

1898 Wills Actresses Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1898

Manufacturer Archive: Wills' Cigarettes

Tag Archive: Celebrity

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists

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1898 Wills Actresses trading cards were distributed in packs of Wills cigarettes and were among the first of a long line of card releases from the company.

Every card features a popular actress of the time alongside a card suit. Card backs were all identical designs just like a playing card set.

These cards can be tough to find and a complete set is likely to cost several hundred dollars and they are rarely sold as a complete collection.

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1898 Wills Actresses Checklist

Base Set – 52 Cards

Ethel Haydon♣️2
Louie Pounds♣️3
Miss Deroy♣️4
M. Verdon♣️5
M. Heaton♣️6
Miss D’Auvigny♣️7
Maude Millet♣️8
Miss Taylor♣️9
Mrs. Brandt♣️10
Evelyn Millard♣️Ace
Miss Bradfield♣️Jack
C. Collier♣️Queen
Ethel Matthews♣️King
Mrs. Webb♦2
V. Young♦3
Miss Duncan♦4
Miss Harold♦5
Miss Bolero♦6
Dalton Cook♦7
The Countess of Clancarty♦8
Miss Bastone♦9
Miss Harold♦10
Miss Westlake♦Ace
Miss Shakespere♦Jack
Miss Fairfax♦Queen
Annette Baker♦King
V. Young♥2
Miss Burridge♥3
Ethel Matthews♥4
Kate Cutler♥5
Esme Beringer♥6
Miss Barnby♥7
Miss Burt♥8
Mrs. Cameron♥9
Miss Skeats♥10
Decima Moore♥Ace
Constance Collier♥Jack
The Countess of Warwick♥Queen
Miss Skeats♥King
Mrs. Webb♠️2
F. Andersen♠️3
V. Young♠️4
Miss Clements♠️5
Miss Lloyd♠️6
Miss St. Clair♠️7
Ruby Reid♠️8
Lady Grey Egerton♠️9
Miss Shakespere♠️10
Miss Reynolds♠️Ace
The Countess of Annesley♠️Jack
Miss Bloomfield♠️Queen
Miss Staunton♠️King