Third Wave of Once Figurines by Funko

By: Tony Frye

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Once Upon a Time, or Once as it is known by its fans, is the perfect television show to spawn Funko Pop figurines and a third wave of those figurines is due out in October, 2016.

Once figurines are released under the “Television” sequence of the Pop collection. Wave one, 267-272 and 274, and wave two, 311, brought eight total characters to the popular collectible and wave three will add four more to the growing list.

A complete checklist for the Television Pop figures can be found on the tab above and can be filtered to show the Once figurines simply by typing Once into the search bar.

The four new characters, and their corresponding numbers, are listed below and a gallery of the new characters is at the bottom of this post. At the time of this writing, it is unknown whether or not there will be variations to any of these characters like the metallic variant for Regina (268).

  • 382 – Regina w/ fireball
  • 383 – Belle
  • 384 – Zelena
  • 385 – Hook w/ Excalibur

The genius of Once, which will begin its sixth season shortly before the release of these figures, is the ability to merchandise classic Disney characters in a new style alongside new characters from the show. The fantastical drama has inspired several Funko products as well as trading card sets from Cryptozoic and will surely continue to be developed into collectibles as long as Disney can continue to turn a profit.

Marvel Comics, which is also owned by Disney, has released graphic novels related to the program which are available in hardcover and digitally.

Once Upon a Time airs Sunday nights on ABC and blends the real world of Storybrooke, Maine with the fairy tale world with characters from throughout fairy tale lore blending in with modern day stories. Its viewership has diminished every season but there is a loyal following for this show and the above mentioned marketing opportunities and cross promotions surely helped get the show a sixth season of 22 episodes.