Subscription FAQ

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Every month you will receive between 20 and 25 cards that are specific to the team(s) you subscribe to. Some times thick card stocks require fewer cards being shipped.

[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”How do non-sport boxes work?” header_color=”#ed1900″]

Since we can’t divide entertainment cards by team, we take a different approach to these boxes. Every box will contain two complete sheets from sets associated to the genre you choose. Pages are nine, sequential, cards (#1-9, #10-18…etc) since many entertainment sets utilize the nine-card binder page set up for their artwork. You will never receive a duplicate page! The remaining seven cards will be a mix of non-base cards (inserts as well as hits when available).

[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”When do boxes ship?” header_color=”#ed1900″]

We try to ship boxes within five days of your order being placed or your subscription being renewed. There are many variables that can cause delays, however, so please reach out to us for specific details if your order is taking longer than a week to process. 

[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”What if my subscription ships late?” header_text_color=”#ffffff” header_color=”#ed1900″]

We want you to receive your box well before your next renewal fee is charged so you don’t feel trapped into your subscription. If we are unable to ship your box in a time frame prior to your next renewal, you will not be charged the following month. We will NEVER charge you if a previous order is still processing.

[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”Will I Always get a hit?” header_color=”#ed1900″]

Unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to know what we will pull from our cases. While you may not receive an autograph every month, you will probably receive short prints or inserts on a regular basis.

[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”Is this just a case break?” header_color=”#ed1900″]

Our subscription box is similar to a case break but instead of paying a high amount for your team, you are spending less and getting access to several products every month. Unlike expensive case breaks where you may receive a stack of duplicate base cards, we avoid shipping duplicates so you can build a curated collection of your favorite team for an affordable price.

[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”Can I change my subscription?” header_color=”#ed1900″]

Yes. You can jump ship to a different team or sport at any time we just ask that you make the change prior to a renewal charge.

[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”Can I trade with other subscribers?” header_color=”#ed1900″]

You are welcome to utilize our community and discussion groups to propose trades or sales of your cards.

[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”When can I cancel my subscription?” header_color=”#ed1900″]

Any time you want. You have to cancel prior to a renewal charge, though. No refunds will be issued but you will still receive the box for which you paid.

[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”Where can I see your hits?” header_color=”#ed1900″]

We post many of our autograph and relic cards on our Facebook feed. Give us a follow and you may get a sneak peek at a card heading to your mailbox.

[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”Can I purchase your hits separately?” header_color=”#ed1900″]

Nope. We are very serious about the integrity of this product and do not save the big hits for side sales. To that end, we also don’t ship redemption cards in our products. If we pull a redemption, we will claim it and send it to the appropriate team when it arrives. If we pull a hit, it goes into our stockpile for shipment. No exceptions.