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Football Card Mystery Box


20 football cards from your favorite team.
Free Shipping!!!


Pick your favorite team(s) and receive 20 different football cards specific to that team. A great way to build up your personal collection without dealing with hundreds of cards from teams you don’t care about. Whether you’re new to the hobby, returning, or a seasoned collector, the Hero Habit Mystery Box is a fun way to grow your collection.

  • Will I always get a hit?
    • You may not always get a hit but when you do, you’ll know it’s for your favorite team. Autographs, relics, parallels, and numbered cards are distributed randomly among subscriptions and typically fall within 50% of the boxes.
  • Do you sell cards on eBay?
    • Nope. Everything we open goes into our mystery boxes. If we pull it, we ship it.
  • Will I receive duplicate cards?
    • You won’t receive duplicate cards within a Mystery Box but, due to the sheer volume of cards we deal with, we can’t guarantee you won’t receive duplicates if purchasing multiple boxes.
  • What era are the cards from?
    • Almost all of our cards are from 2015 or later with the majority of our cards being pulled from the current year’s products. We will, on occasion, award a random collector with vintage cards (pre 1980) but tend to stay away from the “junk wax” era.
  • If I buy five boxes from the same team, will I definitely get a hit?
    • No. We pull the boxes blind for each order so there’s no guarantee you will receive a hit but there’s also no guarantee you won’t get five!