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Each card in this series is made from a genuine wax pack wrapper, mounted on 100 pt cardstock, and backed with trivia related to the set featured on the front. All cards are hand numbered limited editions.

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Wrapper Genre

Non-Sports Card Wrapper


What if I want all of the cards?

If you'd like all of the cards in this collection, consider subscribing to our monthly program. You'll save money and could win some subscriber exclusives!

How do I get older cards?

Cards are available until they're all sold out. If you don't see it in our store, we are completely out.

Are all wrappers in mint condition?

Many of the wrappers in this set are well over 30 or 40 years old and do show wear and tear. We do our best to source the best examples of each pack but there may be instances of folds, creases, or light corner damage.

Are these reproductions?

Nope! Every card uses an authentic wax wrapper from the set.

Are these an eBay 1/1?

I mean, yeah, technically they are since no two are exactly the same and each is made from a totally independent wrapper but that's a stupid term.

Are these licensed by the big card companies?

No. We are simply using readily available packaging to create a new collectible. Any trademarks, copyrights, or licenses shown on the card front are 100% held by the original holders.