New Wave of Walking Dead Figures Headed to Funko Pop Television

By: Tony Frye

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Walking Dead figures are nothing new to the Funko Pop family, being among the first released in the Pop Television line which is now nearing 600. In February, seven more Walking Dead figures will be introduced to the series to commemorate the eighth season of the popular AMC television program. A full checklist of Funko Pop Television collectibles can be found by clicking the associated hub page at the top of this article.

This wave includes the following Walking Dead figures, including two retail exclusives.

  • 573 – Negan
  • 574 – Ezekiel
  • 575 – Richard
  • 576 – Eugene
  • 577 – Sasha
  • 578 – Daryl Dixon (FYE exclusive)
  • 579 – Sasha (Funko Shop exclusive)

The Funko Shop exclusive version of Sasha (#579) is as a walker (spoiler alert) and Daryl Dixon’s likeness features him in a prison suit.

This is the sixth uniquely numbered Daryl Dixon Pop with three “bloody” variants also available. It is the second Negan Pop (#390) and the first for every other character featured in this wave.

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