Jurassic Park Funko Pop Figures Coming Soon

By: Tony Frye

Last Updated:

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Jurassic ParkĀ Funko Pop figures will be added to the expansive Movies line of popular vinyl collectibles.

The vinyl figurines will be a mix of human characters from the classic movie as well as the dinosaurs featured prominently in the picture. For a complete checklist of Funko Pop Movies figurines, please click the associated tab button at the top of this screen. The Jurassic Park figures — with an expected release of February, 2018 — are numbered as follows:

  • 545 – Dr. Alan Grant
  • 546 – John Hammond
  • 547 – Dr. Ian Malcolm
  • 548 – Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • 549 – Velociraptor
  • 550 – Dilophosaurus
  • 550 – Dilophosaurus (Chase)
  • 551 – Dennis Nedry
  • 552 – Dr. Ian Malcolm (Target)

There is an Entertainment Earth exclusive 2-pack featuring an inked Dennis Nedry and a Dilophosaurus. There is also a Target exclusive (#552) of an injured (although, strangely sexy) Ian Malcom.

Jurassic Park, directed by Steven Spielberg, was released in June 1993 and grossed $914 million dollars upon its initial release (subsequent releases have bushed that total to over $1 billion). The movie was based on a book by Michael Crichton and has become a successful film franchise spawning theme park attractions, video games, comic books, and all host of other pop culture touchstones.