Funko to Release Parks and Recreation Vinyl Figurines

By: Tony Frye

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Hold on to your chicky chicky parm parm, this is lit-traly the best news you’re going to read all day. Coming to Funko Pop Television in July, 2017 will be many of your favorite characters from the hit comedy, Parks and Recreation.

Parks and Recreation, the mockumentary focused on the parks department of Pawnee, Indiana, ran on NBC for seven seasons and released 125 episodes. Like many shows in this style, a huge supporting cast were introduced over the years each with their own catch phrases and quirks.

There are five new figures being added to the general release and one retail exclusive. A full checklist of Funko Pop Television figures can be found be clicking the box at the top of this screen but the Parks and Recreation figures are listed below.

  • 498 – Leslie Knope
  • 499 – Ron Swanson
  • 500 – Li’l Sebastian
  • 501 – Andy Dwyer
  • 502 – April Ludgate
  • 503 – Bert Macklin (Hot Topic exclusive)

Hopefully this is the first wave of many in this series as future waves could include Ben Wyatt in his “Treat yo self” Batman suit, a weight-lifting, juice drinking Chris Traeger, an Ira and the Douche two pack, Detlef Schrempf, or any number of other characters.

The Funko Pop Television series includes characters from dozens of television shows from throughout history covering comedy, science fiction, drama, and thrillers. This particular wave, however, is the most important of all time because it features the wondrous Li’l Sebastian.