Funko Pop Rocks Set to Add Guns N Roses Figures

By: Tony Frye

Last Updated:

Funko Pop Rocks isn’t the largest collection of Pop figures but it may be the most eclectic checklist and with the inclusion of Guns N Roses to the set, that checklist just got a little louder.

The Los Angeles rock band, who were recently deemed a “nostalgia act” by Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett, have been performing since 1985 and have released six top-five studio albums since 1987. Their eight top 40 singles are hard rock standards and have become a staple of guitar stores and rock video games but their entire career is peaking with their inclusion into the Funko Pop Rocks series. Probably.

A complete checklist for the Rocks line can be found under the tab at the top of the page. This December, the following Guns N Roses figures will be released to the public.

  • 50 – Axl Rose
  • 51 – Slash
  • 52 – Duff McKagan

For now there are no variations or retail exclusives to track down with these figures but Funko has been known to mix things up well after an initial release so it is certainly possible to see more figures in the future.

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