Funko Adding Power Rangers Figures to Several Lines

By: Tony Frye

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Funko has announced the addition of several Power Rangers figures to their many lines of vinyl figurines just in time for the 2017 film reboot.

The Power Rangers figures will be included in the Pop! Television line, Dorbz line, Pint Size Heroes line, and as pen toppers.  The characters are based on the desings of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series which ran 145 episodes in the mid 1990s.

The checklist for the new additions to the Pop! Television line adds to previous Power Rangers figures already released. The two metallic variants are exclusive to Hot Topic and the Alpha 5 figure is a Walmart exclusive.

  • 405 – White Ranger
  • 406 – Red Ranger
  • 406 – Red Ranger (Metallic)
  • 407 – Pink Ranger
  • 407 – Pink Ranger (Metallic)
  • 408 – Alpha 5

Previous Power Rangers figures in this series include:

  • 22 – White Ranger
  • 22 – White Ranger (GITD)
  • 23 – Red Ranger
  • 24 Pink Ranger
  • 360 – Green Ranger
  • 360 – Green Ranger (Metallic)
  • 361 – Black Ranger
  • 362 – Yellow Ranger
  • 363 – Blue Ranger
  • 363 – Blue Ranger (Metallic)

The main difference between the new figures and the previously released figures is the poses which, now, are much more action packed.

The Power Rangers figures in the Dorbz line are a first for that collection and include several variants including Metallic chase figures, glow in the dark Walmart exclusives, and a base figure only available at Toys R Us. The checklist is as follows:

  • 253 – Red Ranger
  • 253 – Red Ranger (Metallic)
  • 253 – Red Ranger (GITD)
  • 254 – Blue Ranger
  • 255 – Black Ranger
  • 256 – Pink Ranger
  • 256 – Pink Ranger (GITD)
  • 257 – Yellow Ranger
  • 257 – Yellow Ranger (Metallic)
  • 293 – Rita Repulsa (Toys R Us)

Finally, the Pint Size Heroes are miniature figures sold in packaging that prevents buyers from knowing what they’re about to get. There are 24 Power Rangers figures to collect in the Pint Size line (we do not have a checklist for this set as it is not sold sequentially) including some characters not featured in other Funko product lines. There are also four different pens (red, yellow, black, and blue) featuring the Funko stylized Rangers.

The Pop! figures are set for a December release while all other products will hit shelves in January, just ahead of the new film release.

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