First Wave of Funko Arrested Development Figures

Taste the happy! Funko Arrested Development vinyl figurines are everything die hard fans of the show could want out of the stylized figurine collection.

Released as part of the Funko Television series, Funko Arrested Development figurines feature the main male characters in various costumes and just like the show that inspires them, the figurines are full of inside jokes.

Take, for example, George Sr. who is portrayed in his prison jumpsuit (it’s ok to touch the figurine) having a love affair with an ice cream sandwich and wearing his prison yarmulke. They’re cute, clever, and a great homage to one of the finest comedies in television history.

Fans of Arrested Development will, no doubt, be eager for a second wave that brings characters like Lucille, Lindsay, Lucille 2, Egg, and Barry Zuckerkorn but as of right now, there is no official word if more figurines are on the way. Assuming they will (just like we assume that season 5 of the show is still forthcoming), the first wave of Funko Arrested Development figurines include:

  • 113 – Michael Bluth
  • 114 – Gob Bluth
  • 115 – Buster Bluth (w/ hook and juice box)
  • 116 – Tobias Funke (in cutoffs)
  • 117 – George Michael Bluth (Mr. Manager)
  • 118 – Michael Bluth (in banana stand apron)
  • 119 – George Bluth
  • 120 – Buster Bluth (in his uniform from Army)

The Tobias Funke figure also has a chase figure featuring a never-nude Tobias having just blue himself. These figures are the most valuable of the series so far.

The future of Funko Arrested Development figurines goes way beyond the above mentioned characters. Future waves could include Oscar, Spring Break Kitty, Saddam Hussein, Steve Holt!, Marta 1, Marta 2, Marta 3, the Banana Grabber, the Seal, Stan Sitwell (with removable hair), the possibilities are truly endless and Funko would be crazy not to release dozens of figures. If not, maybe they should cancel the whole line and let Quantum Mechanix take over the figurine market.