Duck Tales, Woo-oo, Are Coming to Funko

By: Tony Frye

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Life is like a hurricane and what was once thought long gone emerges from the storm again. Funko, makers of the popular Pop! vinyl figurines, announced the release of new Duck Tales figures much to the delight of children of the 1980s everywhere.

The classic Disney cartoon, which ran for 100 episodes between 1987 and 1990, is a touchstone for millions of adults of a certain age and it was so popular in its time that it spun off the series Darkwing Duck and released a feature film.

In 2009, IGN named Duck Tales the 18th best animated television show of all time and it is still a favorite among fans of Disney cartoons. The Funko releases coincide with the reboot of the series which is set to premiere in August 2017. For the first wave of product releases, Funko will add two new keychains and six new Pop! figures, one of which is a GameStop exclusive.

For a full checklist of Funko Pop Disney releases, click the associated hub at the top of the screen. The Duck Tales release is as follows:

  • 306 – Scrooge McDuck
  • 307 – Huey
  • 308 – Dewey
  • 309 – Louie
  • 310 – Webby
  • 311 – Magica De Spell (GameStop exclusive)

The keychains feature the likeness of Scrooge McDuck and Webby.

The Duck Tales figures follow a related release of Darkwing Duck figures which were numbered as follows:

  • 296 – Darkwing Duck
  • 297 – Launchpad McQuack
  • 298 – Gosalyn Mallard
  • 299 – Negaduck (PX Previews exclusive)
  • 300 – Negatron (SDCC17 exclusive)

Expect to see the Duck Tales figures hit shelves in September, 2017.