DC Bombshells Are Coming to Funko Pop Heroes

By: Tony Frye

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Funko will be releasing a wave of figures inspired by the popular DC Bombshells styling in February, 2017.

DC Bombshells began in 2014 as a collectible statue line designed by Ant Lucia. The line has proven quite successful and has expanded to include comic books, alternate covers, original artwork, and a line of action figures (released in April, 2017). The characters featured have also proven to be a popular Cosplay inspiration at conventions, opening up an entirely new palette for which designers can create.

All of the statues (18 in all) were female characters from the DC Universe with The Joker and Superman both appearing alongside female characters for two statues. The design elements of each character draw influence from classic pin-up models as well as the more modernized rockabilly style and a dash of steampunk thrown in to make things interesting. While the Funko line still maintains a distinct design quality, they have done a good job at honoring the source material.

The new Funko figurines will be included in the Pop Heroes line which handles most of the DC comics licenses. There are five characters and a few alternatives to track down in this collection. A full checklist of the DC figures can be found under the tab at the top of this page but the DC Bombshells checklist is as follows:

  • 166 – Harley Quinn
  • 166 – Harley Quinn (B&W, Think Geek exclusive)
  • 167 – Wonder Woman
  • 167 – Wonder Woman (Sepia Chase)
  • 168 – Batgirl
  • 169 – Katana
  • 170 – The Joker w/ Kisses (Hot Topic exclusive)
  • 170 – The Joker w/ Kisses (B&W, Hot Topic Exclusive)

The Joker, appearing in a modified navy uniform, is the sole male character in the line and both the color as well as the black and white chase figures are Hot Topic exclusives. Both Joker and Harley Quinn black and white variants have little hints of red in their design which makes them a very unique style for Pop collectors.

The first wave of DC Bombshells will begin to hit stores in February.

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