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Better Call Saul S06E10 (Spoilers)

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Within minutes of watching this episode I saw arguments online about the quality, timing, or necessity of this episode. Quite a large number of fans compared it to the Breaking Bad episode, The Fly (which I also loved) in a disparaging way which I don't think is fair to the writers of, arguably, TV's greatest drama.

First off, this episode was absolutely necessary because the post-Breaking Bad world had been established in earlier seasons and seemingly forgotten about. It may also point to the way the show ends. Maybe there isn't a ton of crossover between BCS and BB. We know Walt and Jesse appear in BCS but not to what extent they appear. Is it in flashback? Is it in real time? Or is it in black and white?

We really don't know what we don't know, Walt could very well be alive still in the Cinnabon timeline and I seem to recall that Saul told Walt exactly where he was heading when they were locked in that vacuum shop together so it's possible Walt shows up at the mall.

All in all, I thought this was a great episode. Last week we saw the death of Jimmy and this week we saw his rebirth and since we pretty much know what happened in between, it was a cool breather before what is sure to be a crazy few episode.

On a side note, I'd love to be able to edit these episodes when it's all over so that we could get Saul's story, BB, El Camino, and the Gene stories chronologically as one super long story.

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