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Better Call Saul S06E08 (Spoilers)

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Wow. What a return!

Two times in one episode you're not sure if Gus Fring is going to survive despite knowing full well he is absolutely without question going to survive. How does this show do that? I don't find myself wondering how Fring is going to escape, which is what I should be wondering, but rather if he's going to escape and that's just crazy to me.

Everything about S06E08 was fantastic. The gorgeous shot of Kim approaching the house with her shadow stretching about 50 feet, the near non-stop tension, the surprise end of a main character. Just fantastic. This show continues to outdo itself.

And, despite having relatively little screen time, can we talk about how incredible Rhea Seehorn is? She has such a great knack for telegraphing her thoughts without really acting. Like, she's fighting for Jimmy not to send her to kill Fring and you see her piecing it all together and realizing that Jimmy was probably going to be killed but she's never "acting". It's so natural and organic and filled with emotion. 

What are your thoughts about this episode? I read an interview that referenced "It wasn't me, it was Ignacio" as being a Breaking Bad reference but for the life of me I can't remember what that refers to.

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